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10 October 2018

3015111501 kList of Wikimedia projects by size/Table
4.1 k121807.6 k3.8 kTech/Server switch 2018
17 k00List of Wikipedias
1.3 k3433.5 k3.7 k3.5 kTech/Server switch 2018/id
3321024-15 k22 k62 kSteward requests/Global
2.4 k00Privacy policy/ar
2.4 k00Privacy policy/es
8014141.1 k1.1 k4 kASWT Editathon/Participants
1.8 k00Privacy policy/fr
91722891513.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/de
1.6 k00Privacy policy/de
1.4 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.1 k00Main Page
93500Privacy policy/ja
89900Privacy policy
2404363.1 k3.2 k3.1 kTech/Server switch 2018/nb
53633701703.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/es
587221201203.4 kTech/Server switch 2018/lb
2385112 k2 k6.9 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/2018
76900Privacy policy/it
73200Privacy policy/pt-br
39844401682.9 kTech/Server switch 2018/nap
13151254954919 kArabic–Bengali Cultural Exchange Program
44722641762.8 kTech/Server switch 2018/zh
61000Category:Global policies/min
60700Category:Global policies/en-ca
616650250217 kItWikiCon/Selezione logo
58200Privacy policy/de-formal
56300Category:Global policies/en-gb
132465545547 kWiki4MediaFreedom contest - II edition
37922901503 kTech/Server switch 2018/nl
57111002.8 kTech/Server switch 2018/nl-informal
501111201202.8 kTech/Server switch 2018/eo
34622801603.3 kTech/Server switch 2018/it
356221221223.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/uz
32722801604.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/vi
487111201204 kTech/Server switch 2018/ja
457111201203.3 kTech/Server switch 2018/fr
414146786788.3 kWiki Loves Food 2018 (WLF18)2018 /list
482253.1 k3.1 k3.1 kTech/Server switch 2018/ca
46800Privacy policy/nl
45300Privacy policy/en-ca
51343.9 k3.8 k10 kAsk a question/Recent questions
1073323223860 kReports
42300Privacy policy/en-gb
41100Privacy policy/map-bms
40000Privacy policy/id
39800List of countries by regional classification
753452052025 kSteward requests/Username changes
38000Privacy policy/nl-informal
334111201203.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/pt-br
3336-1.9 k2 k23 kTranslation of the week/Translation candidates
37000Privacy policy/vi
329111201204.8 kTech/Server switch 2018/be-tarask
36500Category:Global policies/map-bms
1215 k15 k15 kWikimedia Diversity Conference 2013/Participants/da
1832203610 kData dumps
54272.7 k3 k2.7 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/2018/Julien Gardet
320111201205 kTech/Server switch 2018/ru
35100Category:Global policies/de-formal
2545735731.6 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/2018/Feuille de présence
176221041363.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/tr
20422791613.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/pt
33800Privacy policy/ms
33600Privacy policy/cy
149241071337.3 kTech/Server switch 2018/ml
19822801602.8 kTech/Server switch 2018/hr
33000Category:Global policies/cy
23211442442605Category:Global policies/su
190221211214.6 kTech/Server switch 2018/ar
74221 k102315 kSteward requests/Global permissions
1902241413.1 kTech/Server switch 2018/sv
32000Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
246111717197 kSpam blacklist
1411413 k13 k13 kWhose Knowledge?/Reports/2018
31700WikiConvention francophone/2018
15322241365.6 kTech/Server switch 2018/hi
13623-192593 kTech/Server switch 2018/cs
171221191213.3 kTech/Server switch 2018/ko
343422825612 kWikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018/Documentation
76226876874 kOTRS/Volunteering
101517 k17 k17 kGLAM Macedonia User Group/Annual plan 2019
155.1 k5 k5 kBasque Wikimedians User Group/da
79224904903 kTech
1111 k11 k11 kThe Wikipedia Library/Newsletter/August-September 2018/es-formal
22698698698Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture Scriptlaer 28 septembre…
171219 k18 k41 kSteward requests/Global/2018-10
28700Privacy policy/lb
253821.2 k3.4 kWikimedia monthly activities meetings/Sign up
28400Privacy policy/hi
28400Privacy policy/mg
28000Privacy policy/frr
28000Wikimedia chapters
31115.3 k5.2 k5.2 kBassel Khartabil/da
125.3 k5.2 k5.2 kTrust and Safety/da
10522701706.6 kTech/Server switch 2018/bn
12261.8 k1.7 k27 kShared Knowledge/Budget plan 2019
31128.4 k8.2 k39 kWikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Affiliates
26100Privacy policy/eo
1551148848840 kSteward requests/Permissions
2167.3 k7.1 k7.1 kWikimedia Diversity Conference 2013/da
25700Privacy policy/nap
2823944944278 k100wikidays
25166.3 k6.3 k8.7 kWikimedians in Residence Exchange Network/minutes 2018 10
223111201203.2 kTech/Server switch 2018/pl
1722956956956Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Hébergement Sylvain Wikitech St…
8221.1 k1.1 k1.9 kKiwix/Quarterly goals 18-19
662203.7 k2.1 kRequests for comment
782202524.8 kGlobal blocks
27236156156.1 kMeetup/London/135
21236506502.7 kWiki Women for Women Wellbeing Workshop - Kolkata
24300Wikimedia movement affiliates
114.9 k4.8 k4.8 kWikimedia Foundation website/ja
11912-199118 kWikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Schedule
23900Privacy policy/lij
23500Privacy policy/az
1722-52552519 kIRC/wikimedia-admin/User list
23200Access to nonpublic information policy
23200Category:Global policies/jv
522681681681Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture Klima 28/09/18
4222656551 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors
23000Privacy policy/so
22500Privacy policy/eml
622560560560Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture Teclib 1er acompte
522568568568Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture EDF octobre 2018
22400Category:Global policies/eo
422572572572Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture restaurant une petite m…
422570570570Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture clair et net septembre …
422563563563Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture AFF
22200Privacy policy/fy
222557557557Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2018/10/Facture online octobre 2018
15-6271.3 k6.6 kWikimedia Indigenous Languages/da
1622038 k32 kWikimedia Israel
21500Privacy policy/fa
21300Privacy policy/sw
828-2592596.6 kStewards/ja
27124.1 k4 k4 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/2018/Benoît Deshayes
121.2 k1.1 k1.1 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/10913-copyright/da
24-85855.6 kFundraising/Translation/da
20900Privacy policy/atj
20800Wikimedia Forum
1691180804.7 kTech/Server switch 2018/mni
20700Privacy policy/gn
165111201203.1 kTech/Server switch 2018/da
622-1834213.8 kTech/News/2018/42
1222116116423Global message delivery/Targets/Wikimedia Education Office Hours
17143.3 k3.3 k3.3 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/2018/Pascal Radigue
20300Privacy policy/sco
372204410 kWikivoyage/Lounge
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