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17911 k13 k11 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/zh
3177.3 k7.1 k11 kWikicamp Nepal 2018/Programs
175.1 k5 k5 kCommunity Relations/Community collaboration in product development/Tech a…
151182.9 k2.9 k2.9 kWikiArabia 2019/uk
57382.8 k2.7 k2.8 kWikiArabia 2019
112.4 k2.3 k2.3 kWikiArabia 2019/en
3222-2.2 k2.2 k29WikiArabia/2019
111.8 k1.8 k16 kWikimedia Forum/Archives/2018-09
2711-1.8 k1.8 k55 kWikimedia Forum
691121.4 k1.3 k72 kSteward requests/Global
59231.3 k1.2 k22 kSteward requests/Global permissions
5161.2 k1.5 k1.2 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/blocking-users/hu
9111.2 k1.2 k26 kPrograms & Events Dashboard/Admins
4141 k1.5 k1 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/purpose-of-this-mo…
6149421.2 k942Training modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/cross-wiki-blockin…
2128619674.5 kWikipedia Asian Month 2017/Sample
11149849813 kSteward requests/Bot status
1141541522 kStewards' noticeboard/Archives/2018-09
1411-4154157.4 kStewards' noticeboard
182233797.3 kCommunity Engagement/ja
112192197.3 kWikimedistas de Colombia/Grupo de usuarios/Report 2018
10141651771 kIgbo Wikimedians User Group/Launch Meetup/October 2018
3111411413 kWikimedia Cuteness Association/News
221113213216 kSteward requests/Username changes
5119292118WikiArabia 2019/FAQ
5117878104WikiArabia 2019/Program
21173737.2 kWikimedians of Kerala User Group
611717197WikiArabia 2019/Venue
11505013 kGender equity report 2018/Barriers to equity
11474716 kWikimedia Argentina/Reportes/2016-11
311454545 kTitle blacklist
311404040Администраторы интерфейса
113434617Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2015/Programme/Lightning/Wiki birthdays
11252511 kGender equity report 2018/Best practices
11125252.4 kGender equity report 2018
11-446.3 kCommunity Relations/Community collaboration in product development
3.1 k00List of Wikipedias
55700Privacy policy/ar
47500Privacy policy/es
40600Privacy policy/fr
35900Privacy policy/de
13603010 kConfidentiality agreement for nonpublic information/ar
22600Main Page
2208611 kWikimedia Highlights, May 2014
19400Privacy policy/ru
14500Privacy policy/de-formal
13600Privacy policy/en-ca
13100Privacy policy/cy
11700Category:Global policies/kiu
9100Category:Global policies/lb
9100Category:Global policies/en-ca
7400Category:Global policies/en-gb
7200Category:Global policies/sw
6900Category:Global policies/min
6800Category:Global policies/nap
6700Category:Global policies/de-formal
6600Category:Global policies/hil
6600Category:Global policies/eo
6400Category:Global policies/ga
6300Category:Global policies/de
5200Category:Global policies/io
110040 kFoundation wiki/Accounts
110015 kGlobal renamers/Stats
110012 kWikivoyage/Table
31100129 kList of Wikipedias/Table
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