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22 k00Main Page
2.9 k00Privacy policy/es
2.8 k00List of Wikipedias
2.1 k00Privacy policy/de
1.5 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.4 k00Privacy policy/fr
1.4 k00Privacy policy/ar
1.3 k00Privacy policy/pt-br
1.1 k00Privacy policy
98400Privacy policy/it
92900Privacy policy/ja
72100Privacy policy/ca
6981972-7.4 k29 k28 kSteward requests/Global
65500Privacy policy/de-formal
61700Privacy policy/gl
57800Wikimedia chapters
57800Privacy policy/en-ca
55400Privacy policy/eml
53500Privacy policy/frr
52400Privacy policy/en-gb
47700Privacy policy/lb
46800Privacy policy/nl
46400Privacy policy/fa
44900Privacy policy/eo
44800Privacy policy/cy
38500Privacy policy/diq
38500Privacy policy/bn
37100Data retention guidelines
36700Privacy policy/cs
35900Privacy policy/eu
34400Privacy policy/el
32500Privacy policy/bg
31600Privacy policy/ce
31400Privacy policy/so
31300Wikimedia thematic organizations
31200Privacy policy/azb
31000Alternative paid contribution disclosure policies
31000Wikimedia user groups
3071120299710 k12 kSteward requests/Permissions
30100Privacy policy/ckb
29500Privacy policy/fi
28800Privacy policy/ksh
28700Privacy policy/vi
27600Privacy policy/az
25200Privacy policy/atj
225132032.1 k7.9 k14 kSteward requests/Global permissions
21100Steward requests/Checkuser
190683.8 k3.7 k31 kRequests for comment/Site-wide administrator abuse and WP:PILLARS violati…
16900List of countries by regional classification
16700Global blocks/pt
15322136369 kReports
1515616902.3 k2.4 kSteward requests/Username changes
1171192.8 k4.8 k11 kMix'n'match/Catalogues
113176837192.2 kWikimedia Diary
11113-363610 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/novembre 2019
10311-665.8 kWikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong/zh
1014158328322.6 kWiki Loves Caucasus 2019/Created Articles
9900Wikimedia Foundation
9200Terms of use
90112282287.4 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Writing C…
8511878712 kMovement communications group
83334444231 kSpam blacklist
823214.6 k4.7 k4.5 kTech/News/2019/43/ja
7821314 k15 k26 kPhilippine Wikimedia Community User Group/Chapter Application
75265.6 k5.4 k82 kSWViewer/config.json
7400Community health initiative/Partial blocks
661120036 kWikimedia CH/Burgen-Dossier/FehlendeFotosinWikidatabzwCommons
632203.2 k8.7 kMirroring Wikimedia project XML dumps
631200130 kList of Wikipedias/Table
6223-801704.7 kTech/News/2019/43
5900Wikimedians of Bulgaria
522204.2 k4.3 k4.1 kTech/News/2019/43/pl
50113838375 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Writing C…
492215.9 k6 k5.8 kTech/News/2019/43/el
492205.2 k5.2 k5.1 kTech/News/2019/43/ar
483319111749 k2019 Community Insights/Thank you
45244694739.7 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Writing C…
4511-19198.1 kVisualEditor/Newsletter/2019/October
4444820820264 k100wikidays
4415906906906Wikimedia Diary/Header
4322667.3 kMassMessage
402205.1 k5.1 k5 kTech/News/2019/43/uk
4012-5466881.3 kWikimedia Stewards User Group
4011424242WikiBlind Wikimedians User Group
3922101.6 k1.3 kSteward requests/Bot status
382163.5 k3.7 k3.4 kTech/News/2019/43/zh
381134347.8 kWikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
372172.9 k2.9 k10 kVisualEditor/Newsletter/2019/October/bn
373362621.9 kWikimedia Community User Group CEE Spring
373333433437 kWikiConference India 2020: Initial conversations
3711-2 k1.9 k74 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
362216.4 k6.4 k6.3 kVisualEditor/Newsletter/2019/October/zh
36235335338.5 kWikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group
36220212 kWikimedia Deutschland
342193.7 k3.7 k3.6 kTech/News/2019/43/fi
3411002.8 kWikimedia Embassy
332203.9 k3.9 k3.8 kTech/News/2019/43/id
3312475475121 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia Ancient Greek 4
313333533510 kSpam blacklist/Log/2019/10
301181171537.4 kWikipedia Asian Month/Tool Interface/gu
29221061061.9 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/novembre 2019/Feuille de présence
292701363.6 kWikimedia movement affiliates/ar
2815331331331Wiki Loves Human Rights Child Trafficking/Results
27113-4991 k5.7 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2020/cs
2636327327195 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Writing C…
2622082412 kHTTPS
26148338356.9 kTertulia sobre Wikipedia (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)
2612-35356.7 kWikimédia France
2422681681681Wikimedia Stewards User Group/members
24222252253.8 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Writing C…
24121.7 k1.7 k1.7 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/novembre 2019/Hocine Zergaoui
2413545620 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/GLAM
231126926962 kCIS-A2K/Requests
22220163.3 kAdministrators of Wikimedia projects
22132982982.1 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Writing C…
21164544966.9 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2020/pl
2111-363610 kMaps Terms of Use/ar
20115.8 k5.7 k13 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/Wiki Loves Monume…
2011-2214 kPlanet Wikimedia
191327.5 k7.6 k7.3 kMaps Terms of Use/hu
19117027028.8 kWikimedistas de Ecuador
18191.4 k1.4 k1.4 kWikimedistas de Ecuador/OfflinePedia/ProyectoUnidadEducativaDelMilenioYAC…
18153.5 k3.4 k3.4 kLearning patterns/Communicating with developers through Semantic Versioning
1814863863182 kWiki Loves Birds/Content development
181277277213 kDienstag/Sprints
1815-1262266.6 kWikimedia Indonesia/Hibah/Permohonan Hibah APG19 Agathavidya
1717-3673676.1 kWikimedia thematic organizations/ru
1711454545Wikimedia Philippines
1712-1137 kWikisource/Table
17120061 kWikibooks/Table
161618 k17 k117 kSteward requests/Global/2019-10
1617-3283285.1 kWikimedia thematic organizations/de
1612-89896.9 kWikimedia España
161118188 kWikipedia Asian Month 2019
16111515782Wikimédia France/Assemblée générale/novembre 2019/Hébergement
15198688925.5 kWiki Society of the Philippines
15114.1 k4 k4 kNorth-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group/Events/Kingisepp edit-a-thon
15121981985.1 kWiki Loves Human Rights Child Trafficking/Article lists
1512232334 kGLAM-on-Tour/2019/Fonoteca
15125513 kMeetup/UNC/Chapel Hill Then and Now 2019
15114974977.3 kHardware donation program/Fæ
14152.4 k2.4 k83 kWiki Research Bibliography
1412466466466Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2020
13121 k1 k1 kWikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2019/10/Bootcamp Varsovie
132208680 kWikipedia Asian Month 2015/Participants
1311939347 kBot policy/Implementation
13114141114 kTerms of use/ml
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