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202123937 k36 k46 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee/Questio…
19014295.2 k9.7 k50 kSteward requests/Global
22111214.7 k8 k12 kSteward requests/Permissions
2.8 k00Privacy policy/es
2.1 k00Privacy policy/ar
1.9 k00FairCopyrightOz/Banner1
1.7 k00Response to 2017 ban in Turkey/it
1.7 k00Privacy policy/fr
1.6 k00List of Wikipedias
1.5 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.5 k00Privacy policy/de
1.2 k00Cunningham's Law
1 k00Privacy policy/pt-br
99900Privacy policy/ja
2118514 k14 k14 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Learn/uk
2965621721721 kResponse to 2017 ban in Turkey/Sig
136681.6 k1.5 k18 kSteward requests/Global permissions
71400Privacy policy
1034108.4 k8.2 k38 kWikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard
170461.3 k8.2 k58 kWikimedia Forum
2005122361.1 k24 kWikimedia Foundation partnership reflections
59500Privacy policy/it
12437 k36 k36 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Board of Trustees/Candidates/be
271542.4 k3.4 k9.4 kWikimedia New York City/uk
51477 k6.8 k54 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee/Candida…
913412 k12 k30 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Summary May 21 to 28/bn
141415 k5.1 k4.9 kWikimédia France/uk
152373.4 k5.6 k40 kConnected Open Heritage/Physical Photo Exhibition/it
171422.6 k2.8 k9.4 kWikimedia New York City/ru
3612249 k48 k48 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee/Candida…
1262 k2 k10 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsp…
11126 k26 k26 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Summary 14th to 28th/uk
1175.3 k5.2 k5.2 kTech/News/2017/23/ar
42800Privacy policy/de-formal
32253.4 k4.8 k37 kConnected Open Heritage/Physical Photo Exhibition/sv
4045795795212 k100wikidays
1190 k88 k88 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Summary/uk
32164.5 k4.8 k4.4 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/background-researc…
31285.2 k5.1 k5.1 kWikimédia France/be
633977977930 kMet Open Access Artworks Challenge/Participants
582105.9 k6.3 k43 kConnected Open Heritage/Physical Photo Exhibition
63341.1 k1.1 k32 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
1173.2 k3.1 k3.1 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Reach/Team/uk
31246.4 k6.3 k6.3 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Vote Questions/ar
39500Privacy policy/fa
38200Privacy policy/az
37800Privacy policy/en-gb
162104.9 k4.8 k4.8 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsp…
1133.9 k3.8 k3.8 kTech/News/2017/23/it
35500Privacy policy/bgn
176.7 k6.6 k6.5 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Healthy, Inclusive Communities/uk
41918 k18 k18 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Summary May 21 to 28/pt
81175.3 k5.2 k5.1 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Reach/uk
32200Privacy policy/ckb
32200Privacy policy/bn
32200Privacy policy/eml
262.2 k2.2 k2.2 kTraining modules/Keeping events safe/slides/conduct-a-post-incident-revie…
31900Wikimedia movement
26344146702.3 kMeetup/Cambridge/34
1111.7 k1.6 k1.6 kSouthern California Wikimedians/be
30200Privacy policy/en-ca
29900Privacy policy/bg
29300Privacy policy/azb
29200Privacy policy/hi
37271.1 k1.1 k10 kRequest for an account on the Foundation wiki
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/sq
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/de
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/hu
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/es
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/en
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/fr
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/it
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/sv
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/scn
1131 k30 k143 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/ar
1131 k30 k141 kUNESCO Challenge/Participants/pt
79117-7484 k4.6 kTech/News/2017/23
21218 k18 k18 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Summary May 21 to 28/hi
562246446422 kRequests for comment/Global centralnotice for the blockade of the Turkish…
26900Privacy policy/id
26800Privacy policy/fi
4823773773773Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2017/Collectors
21123.7 k3.6 k3.6 kTech/News/2017/23/fi
26300Privacy policy/frr
51203543622.8 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Translation/SecurePoll/ar
152.7 k2.6 k2.6 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Updates/Board voting has begun/be
41120 k19 k19 kWiki Education Foundation/Monthly Reports/2017-04
61121.9 k2.3 k1.8 kWikimedia Sverige/uk
91121.7 k1.6 k1.6 kTexas Wikimedians/be
6113-96597946 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee/Candida…
24900Privacy policy/bs
24800Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
24700Privacy policy/cy
24600Wikimedia chapters
21111.6 k1.6 k1.6 kSouthern California Wikimedians/uk
811622470848 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee/Candida…
141.4 k1.4 k1.4 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/what-does-appropri…
23800Privacy policy/he
25-4092015 kWikimedia Foundation/th
23600Privacy policy/gl
141.3 k1.2 k1.2 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/cross-wiki-blockin…
132.6 k2.6 k2.6 kWALRUS/July 2017
22800Privacy policy/eo
22600Privacy policy/diq
31152212838.2 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsp…
32853558920 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Summary May 21 to 28/vi
126 k5.9 k39 kConnected Open Heritage/Physical Photo Exhibition/es
121.7 k1.7 k1.7 kTraining modules/Keeping events safe/slides/dealing-with-the-subjects-of-…
21900Privacy policy/fy
21900Privacy policy/cs
125.8 k5.7 k39 kConnected Open Heritage/Physical Photo Exhibition/en
21800Privacy policy/ce
19154 k3.9 k36 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Italian Wikipedia
2153.5 k3.4 k3.4 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/why-do-you-need-to…
121.4 k1.3 k1.3 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/blocking-users/fr
2422606420 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Summary May 21 to 28
13152.3 k2.3 k13 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/German Language Wikipedia
5171.3 k1.3 k1.3 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsp…
112.9 k2.8 k2.8 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/communication-styl…
1022-17217219 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Wikidata
15-5535533.7 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsp…
302281681610 kTech
21115085827.1 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Updates/uk
41131372256.9 kWikimedia New York City/eo
20400Privacy policy/el
4171.2 k1.2 k54 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee/Candida…
20400List of countries by regional classification
163193252.4 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/revision-deletion-…
611138138348 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee/Candida…
20000Privacy policy/th
172209.5 k4.8 kSei kein Arsch
3161.4 k1.4 k1.4 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsp…
112.2 k2.2 k2.2 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/why-do-you-need-to…
19400Privacy policy/hu
19200Privacy policy/gn
7151.4 k1.4 k1.4 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Organize/uk
19100Wikimedia News
19000Privacy policy/ca
112 k1.9 k1.9 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/what-makes-a-good-…
1134013419 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Summary May 21 to 28/es
18900Privacy policy/eu
111.8 k1.8 k1.8 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/verifying-facts/es
152772774.9 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsp…
18600Access to nonpublic information policy
18600Privacy policy/zh-hans
111.7 k1.6 k1.6 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Updates/Board voter email/be
111.5 k1.5 k1.5 kTraining modules/Dealing with online harassment/slides/what-is-harassment…
18100Privacy policy/si
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