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16525313.3 k3.4 k14 kWikimedia Cuteness Association
14 k00Main Page
5371256286 k34 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/fr
2.5 k00Privacy policy/es
2.3 k00Privacy policy/ar
2 k00Privacy policy/de
2 k00List of Wikipedias
1.8 k00Privacy policy/az
1.6 k00Privacy policy/fr
1.6 k00Privacy policy/ba
1.4 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.1 k00Privacy policy/ja
7910141.8 k2.1 k8.8 kWikimedians of Mainland China/Resolutions/Logo
86500Privacy policy
74359-3.2 k4.3 k43 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/ru
3817649 k48 k48 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/bn
78900Privacy policy/pt-br
66000Privacy policy/it
2005537943111 kLearning and Evaluation/News/Learning Days for Wikimania Montreal/Thursday
18245-5.3 k7.1 k25 kSteward requests/Global
152445 k9.6 k57 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/hi
62100Privacy policy/bg
13848-5.2 k8.9 k9.5 kSteward requests/Permissions
8261026875412 kSteward requests/Username changes
103461.6 k1.6 k4 kSteward requests/Global permissions
1013811 k11 k11 kWikimedia Resource Center/Walkthrough/pt-br
1275.8 k6.1 k5.7 kCommunity Relations/Community collaboration in product development/Tech a…
1214546346311 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/septembre 2017
176476197571.2 kRequests for comment/Global ban for PokestarFan
19571.4 k1.4 k209 k100wikidays
481289.8 k11 k9.5 kThe Wikipedia Library/Newsletter/June-July2017/zh
34111-2.5 k2.5 k33 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction
1412645 k47 k44 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Report/AB cycle 2/Insights summa…
3332201984.6 kWikimedia movement
712533 k32 k32 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/bg
27420-2.4 k2.5 k36 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/he
44900Privacy policy/bgn
41352.5 k2.5 k50 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Report/AB cycle 2/Insights summa…
43500Privacy policy/de-formal
42182.9 k2.8 k2.8 kTech/News/2017/33/fr
26511-949414 kLearning and Evaluation/News/Learning Days for Wikimania Montreal
36000Privacy policy/en-gb
35400Privacy policy/fa
186 k5.8 k5.8 kCommunity Relations/Community collaboration in product development/Tech a…
55242 k1.9 k64 kProposals for closing projects/Move Beta Wikiversity to Incubator 2
1122.7 k2.7 k2.7 kTech/News/2017/33/sv
1122.5 k2.5 k2.5 kTech/News/2017/33/fi
2091146546557 kWikimedia Forum
30700Privacy policy/bn
30600Privacy policy/en-ca
41271.5 k2.1 k8.1 kRequest for an account on the Foundation wiki
192.7 k2.6 k2.6 kTech/News/2017/33/pl
17113-48563367 kWikimedia News
127.1 k6.9 k6.9 kFree Public Information Brochure/el
102121.8 k2 k7.8 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Participate/ru
27331081085.5 kWikiConvention francophone/2017/Participant-e-s
28500Privacy policy/eml
233359592.7 kTech/Ambassadors/List
2211-2.1 k2.7 k30 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/pt
27600Privacy policy/azb
2628-2.4 k2.4 k32 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/es
225175171.6 kRequests for new languages/Wiktionary Chakma
402477177113 kTech
27200Privacy policy/hi
51105.2 k5.1 k5.1 kWikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Scholarships/yo
121211311412.5 kWikimedia Resource Center/pt-br
25800Privacy policy/bs
3281.8 k1.8 k6.9 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Participate/pl
46126.6 k6.4 k6.4 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/septembre 2017/Wikinade
25100Privacy policy/cs
44234484487.2 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Participate
20117671292.5 kWikimedia Resource Center/it
35126.1 k6 k6 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/septembre 2017/PatheFr
122.8 k2.8 k2.8 kWikimedia España/Letter to the BoT regarding URAA/el
2223-2.5 k2.4 k31 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/pl
1423-2.5 k2.4 k31 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/it
24224914914.2 kMeetup/Oxford/53
1422650650650Wikipedia Welcomes Pro Photographers/Bhopal
23400List of countries by regional classification
18225105102.3 kSteward requests/Bot status
33222302301.1 kWikiWomen/Mangaluru/Tulu Wikipedia Anniversary Program and Editathon/4
23100Privacy policy/cy
114.3 k4.2 k4.2 kWikimedia CH/Call for projects 2018/Establishing new community of authors…
12156 k5.8 k5.8 kPhotographer induction program
22800Privacy policy/id
22800Privacy policy/ms
22700Privacy policy/ca
22700Privacy policy/he
22700Terms of Use
22600Privacy policy/ce
22000위키백과의 목록
20182.8 k3.3 k4.6 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 3/West Bengal Wikimedians …
9222.1 k2.1 k167 kSteward requests/Permissions/Approved temporary
522-2.3 k2.4 k29 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/de
18222702703.1 kRequests for new languages/Wikibooks Bashkir
21900Privacy policy/ckb
21300Privacy policy/el
162219219229 kWikimedia Deutschland/Planung 2018/Alpha
21200Lista de Wikipedias
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/az
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/tr
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/en
116.9 k6.8 k26 kWikipedia & Education User Group/el
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/ru
116.9 k6.8 k26 kWikipedia & Education User Group/bg
116.9 k6.8 k26 kWikipedia & Education User Group/hy
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/eu
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/pt-br
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/ar
116.9 k6.8 k22 kWikipedia & Education User Group/zh
2122-2313726 kHistory of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/ru
20500Liste des Wikipédias
20300Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
9144 k3.9 k3.9 kLearning patterns/MediaWiki Education Program
112.4 k2.4 k2.4 kTech/News/2017/33/zh
1822-36136115 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/GLAM
15152.7 k2.6 k2.6 kWikiConvention francophone/2017/Programme/Le partitionnement de graphes
142209.4 k9.1 kAutomatic conversion in Konkani language
7132.6 k2.5 k4.8 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 3/Wikimedians of Nepal Str…
111.9 k1.9 k1.9 kCunningham's Law/el
18700WikiConvention francophone/2017/Soumissions
18700Privacy policy/diq
7151 k1 k1001Wikimedia Resource Center/Disclaimer/pt-br
18400Mailing lists/Overview
611017644011 kESEA Meetup/zh
21599199117 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Nairobi, Kenya strategy salon wi…
1522-6517719 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Wikidata
17600Cunningham's Law
18121.7 k1.7 k1.7 kWikiConvention francophone/2017/Programme/Wikidata, on en fait quoi ?
17100Privacy policy/eo
8181942803.4 kAdministrator/az
3022162162162Steward requests/Global/2017-10
9121.8 k1.7 k1.7 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Drafting/Polish Wikipedia
16300Privacy policy/frr
501245445416 kSteward requests/Checkuser
15600Privacy policy/fi
15500Privacy policy/map-bms
15400Complete list of Wikimedia projects
15400Privacy policy/zh-hans
32401.3 k10 kAccess to nonpublic information policy/cs
4112.7 k2.6 k2.6 kMarathi Wikipedia Workshop at MGM Trust's College of Journalism and Mass …
15200Privacy policy/gl
15200Privacy policy/gn
822048211 kAccess to nonpublic information policy/th
15000Wikimedia chapters
122.4 k2.4 k2.4 kTech/News/2017/33/en
72204243.5 kEsplanada
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