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1.5 k00List of Wikipedias
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128714-1.7 k6.6 k16 kSteward requests/Global
73800Privacy policy/it
418885085026 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Kartographer improvements
597107461 k2.8 kMeetup/London/125
67300Spam blacklist
65400Privacy policy/az
984205.4 k5.2 k17 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
506101.9 k1.8 k205 k100wikidays
217775075013 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Blame tool
274252 k2 k52 kWikimedia Forum
17681.1 k1.1 k11 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Provide a tool to efficientl…
23671.1 k1.1 k21 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Ping users from the edit summary
665669469411 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Programs and events/An organizer dashboard…
156666066016 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Watchlists/Multiple watchlists
174331.2 k1.1 k13 kSteward requests/Permissions
126655555512 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Order search results by date of las…
136643469812 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikisource/Improve workflow for uploading …
42611-777718 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey
88475395574.4 kHindi Wikimedians/Meetups/online/20171210
205592092011 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Use map for Nearby
325560963328 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Programs and events/Development of the pro…
10555485485.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikidata/Stable data
44400Privacy policy/azb
44300Privacy policy/bgn
43000Privacy policy/bn
42300Cookie statement/ar
41700Privacy policy/de-formal
41400Wikimedia movement
434453453422 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Bots and gadgets/Deploy Article Alerts to …
40900Privacy policy/hi
49570332195 kSteward requests/Global/2017-09
334456460011 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Only show mainspace pages in…
40400Title blacklist
39200Privacy policy/en-gb
39000Privacy policy/bg
38300Privacy policy/eml
18444184187.5 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Watchlists/Allow watching (or unwatching) …
74455055011 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Citations/Citation template for all langua…
37700Privacy policy/fa
14443933937.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Mobile and apps/Categories shown in the app
31207.3 k7.1 k7.1 kTech/News/2017/50/ru
16442695338.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikisource/Page status color code not alwa…
7444544545.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikidata/Provide a Reasonator like front t…
10443803807.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Vertical writing support
7444264269.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/VisualEditor: Allow editing of aut…
91206.6 k6.4 k6.4 kTech/News/2017/50/he
1420 k20 k19 kWikimania 2019 bids/Perth
36400Wikimedia chapters
36000Privacy policy/ca
36000Privacy policy/en-ca
35600Privacy policy/ckb
21177.8 k7.6 k7.6 kTech/News/2017/50/hi
35200Privacy policy/cy
21167.8 k7.7 k7.7 kTech/News/2017/50/kn
34200Privacy policy/he
41185.6 k5.5 k5.5 kTech/News/2017/50/cs
41337407402.8 kWikipedia Asian Month/2017 Ambassadors
9351.4 k1.4 k12 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Citations/Develop precision of citation by…
33600Privacy policy/id
175515373 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Results
33100Community health initiative/Blocking tools and improvements
32900Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
8331.2 k1.2 k16 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Anti-harassment/Smart blocking
6331.1 k1.1 k7.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Autoarchive provided
1112818221215 k2016 Community Wishlist Survey/hu
32300Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2017-2018/Final
168220211 kCookie statement/nn
62231.2 k1.2 k10 kSteward requests/Checkuser
111145.6 k5.5 k5.4 kTech/News/2017/50/pl
29800Privacy policy/bs
173339839819 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Bots and gadgets/Commons deletion notifica…
1750042017 Community Wishlist Survey/Total votes
29200Privacy policy/diq
41416 k16 k16 kPetScan/ja
2159.9 k9.8 k9.7 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/People/Core team/pt
29100Privacy policy/frr
73345945916 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Watchlists/Automatically unwatch pages aft…
63342242212 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Reading/Simple diff
133328528515 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Admins and stewards/Make AbuseFilter easy …
113331431414 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Admins and stewards/Make 2FA easier to use
9333433436.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Improvements in "What links here"
8333573574.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikidata/Human touch for duration property…
7333713716.1 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Bots and gadgets/Combined Desktop/Mobile/A…
38251.6 k1.5 k11 kTech
63336236211 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Add filters to history pages
28400Privacy policy/ce
141514 k17 k13 kWikiIndaba conference 2018/Questions for application form
7332862869.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons/Flickr-like uploader
28000Privacy policy/el
7331072779.8 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Admins and stewards/Bring Special:Undelete…
5422507507154 kRequests for comment/Interlinking of accounts involved with paid editing …
26700Privacy policy/fi
26000Privacy policy/gn
143711450815 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/hu
25800Privacy policy/eu
25600Privacy policy/cs
25600Privacy policy/gl
121112.6 k2.9 k16 kWMF Global Ban Policy/zh
25200Privacy policy/ka
25200Privacy policy/FAQ
21114 k13 k13 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Updates/2 February 2017 - Update 5 on Wi…
21114 k13 k13 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/People/Strategy coordinators/pt
24900Privacy policy/th
4211-16 k16 k4.6 kSteward requests/Username changes
24800Privacy policy/ta
24800Privacy policy/hu
24800Privacy policy/eo
2195.3 k5.2 k5.2 kTech/News/2017/50/nb
82289789711 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikidata/Better countervandalism tools
100220126.2 kMerchandise giveaways
24200Privacy policy/hr
24100Privacy policy/zh
24100Privacy policy/mk
92273973919 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Overhaul spam-blacklist
3164.5 k4.4 k4.4 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Track A/Advisory Group/pt
23700Privacy policy/ms
61111 k11 k11 kAccess to nonpublic information policy/aeb-arab
23500Privacy policy/fy
23400Privacy policy/map-bms
17224864863.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikidata/Show Interlanguage links on some …
23100Privacy policy/ur
23000Privacy policy/lb
22900Privacy policy/sr
3182.5 k2.4 k2.4 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/People/Drafting Group/pt
22700Privacy policy/uk
22700Privacy policy/sw
36191.1 k1.6 k1.9 kWikiIndaba conference 2018
22500Privacy policy/vi
22300CheckUser policy
22100Privacy policy/ne
22000Privacy policy/my
4224964968.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/2 factor authentication for …
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132228128119 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Admins and stewards/Allow further user blo…
18124.5 k4.4 k28 kWikimedia Foundation Board noticeboard
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