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28713264.4 k11 k39 kSteward requests/Global
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2 k00List of Wikipedias
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1.2 k00Wikivoyage/Launch press release
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698163.6 k3.5 k3.5 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/J ansari
77500Privacy policy
1805122.8 k2.7 k28 kSteward requests/Username changes
22658-6223.5 k6.1 kSteward requests/Permissions
67300Privacy policy/it
39661.7 k1.6 k4.6 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/आर्यावर्त
82561 k10108.2 kSteward requests/Global permissions
131478088521.2 kProposals for closing projects/Closure of Kalmyk Wikipedia
1413511 k11 k11 kAsk a question/FAQ/Business/tr
47900Privacy policy/de-formal
28554404403.2 kWikiesfera
45300Privacy policy/bgn
32205.9 k6 k5.7 kTech/News/2018/06/pt-br
2245945945272 k100wikidays
39200Privacy policy/az
81272.9 k3 k2.9 kWikimedia Resource Center/tr
382141.1 k1.1 k14 kIntercultur/Participants/list
36300Privacy policy/ce
228111 k1 k32 kWikimedia Forum
1105.1 k5 k5 kIntercultur 2018/Prizes/ca
233860660635 kIntercultur 2018/Articles/list
34200Privacy policy/fa
33800Privacy policy/en-ca
33600Privacy policy/azb
21157.4 k7.3 k7.2 kIntercultur 2018/ca
73358132711 kProposals for closing projects
1175986068.1 kMaps Terms of Use/fr
32700Privacy policy/bs
32700Privacy policy/hi
21156.7 k6.6 k6.5 kIntercultur 2018/Participants/ca
41175.1 k5.1 k5 kAsk a question/tr
1121.7 k1.7 k1.6 kWikimedia LGBT+/Header/tr
31100Privacy policy/en-gb
183.5 k3.5 k3.5 kWikimedia LGBT+/Nav/tr
30400Privacy policy/bn
28342913194 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/Hindustanilanguage
38331491491.5 kWikiIndaba conference 2018/Participants
30100Privacy policy/eml
1302209.4 k5.2 kWiktionary
122122.2 k2.2 k75 kStewards/Elections 2018/Questions
29900Privacy policy/cy
2633-20220249 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors
251177.6 k7.5 k7.4 kWikimedia CH/Newsletter/01/2018/fr
31106.1 k6 k6 kWiki Loves the Olympics 2018/Participants/fr
12177.2 k7.1 k7.1 kIntercultur 2018/es
22231.1 k1.1 k5.8 kWikimedia Conference 2018/Pre-Conference Boards Training
18411505070 kMailing lists/Overview
3291.2 k1.5 k8.1 kTech/News/2018/06/ru
25600Privacy policy/bg
25500Privacy policy/ca
18254134131.5 kIntercultur 2018/Participants/list
25000Wikimedia movement
202555355333 kWikipedia Library User Group/Steering committee election 2018
132.5 k2.4 k2.4 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11511-close-paraphrasing-quiz/es
24500Privacy policy/be
241002017 Community Wishlist Survey/Results
132.1 k2 k2 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11518-responding-to-plagiarism-quiz/es
114.7 k4.6 k4.6 kAsk a question/Submitted questions/Editing/tr
2214-1.3 k7.2 k87 kWikiBotevgrad/Articles
5221.5 k1.5 k1.5 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/AK1986
131.7 k1.6 k1.6 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11116-sharing-a-media-quiz/es
131.6 k1.6 k1.6 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/10925-using-source-material-quiz/es
20224124125.2 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/आशीष भटनागर
22900Privacy policy/id
131.5 k1.5 k1.5 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11117-sharing-a-media-quiz-2/es
131.5 k1.5 k1.5 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11517-plagiarism-principle-quiz/es
181115 k14 k1.8 MWikidata/Newsletter/Archive
22600Privacy policy/cs
7222084241 kFoundation wiki feedback
22400Privacy policy/diq
131.3 k1.2 k1.2 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11516-plagiarism-quiz/es
131.1 k1.1 k1.1 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/10924-when-to-cite-quiz/es
131.1 k1.1 k1.1 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11306-article-title-quiz/es
22100Privacy policy/he
22000Privacy policy/ckb
21600Privacy policy/el
14222742745 kWikiIndaba conference 2018/Submissions/The Wiktionary, a project in the s…
14164.5 k4.5 k4.4 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/Aliva Sahoo
21100List of countries by regional classification
2125.1 k5 k5 kIntercultur 2018/Prizes/es
16418442418Ask a question/FAQ/tr
1822309.7 kWikimedia LGBT+/Portal/tr
20300Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
311139611.4 k2 kNon-free content/row
20100Wikimedia chapters
52390903 kWikiIndaba conference 2018/Submissions/Improving the ways in which Afro-f…
13784784784Training modules/dashboard/slides/11214-crediting-translation-quiz/es
13774774774Training modules/dashboard/slides/11215-citing-sources-quiz/es
23014034 k2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia/id
15385399385Ask a question/Submitted questions/tr
13687687687Training modules/dashboard/slides/11213-copying-translation-quiz/es
18900Mailing lists
8123.4 k3.3 k3.3 kWikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/Lancement du projet : Yaounde …
11191.2 k1.5 k1.2 kWikimedia Argentina/GLAM/Programa Cultura y Conocimiento Abierto/Líneas e…
3152.1 k2.1 k2 kAffiliations Committee/Resolutions/Recognition Wikimedians of Romania and…
17900Privacy policy/da
17800Privacy policy/fi
9220487.3 kFree Public Information Brochure
39220203 kMailing lists/Wikimedia Announce
17400Privacy policy/eu
17400Privacy policy/te
17100Privacy policy/th
2131.5 k1.5 k1.5 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11109-licensing-quiz/es
2131.5 k1.5 k1.5 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/10922-article-quality-quiz/es
17000Privacy policy/vi
16900Privacy policy/eo
145645642.9 kWiki Education Brazil/Events/Arte+Feminismo 2018
16600Privacy policy/ba
4113.6 k3.5 k3.5 kWikimedia movement/cr
16300Supporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support
12440440440Category:Wikimedia Resource Center/tr
16200Wikimedia projects
2711-1.8 k1.7 k99 kList of Wikipedias by sample of articles/Absent Articles
311-3 k2.9 k119 kList of Wikipedias by sample of articles/Articles
5112.8 k2.7 k81 kList of Wikipedias by sample of articles/Stubs
15500Privacy policy/frr
181656556541 kAffiliations Committee/Resolutions
14900Cunningham's Law
14900Access to nonpublic information policy
322-2562566 kTech/News/2018/06/sv
14800Privacy policy/gl
14500Privacy policy/lb
14500Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2017-2018/Final
661113013080 kList of Wikipedias by sample of articles
3112.1 k2 k5.2 kWikimédia France/Documents/Procédures/CI016 : Dépenses
422-1351877.3 kTech/News/2018/06/ja
116646642.5 kCommunity health initiative/Improved tools and workflows to report harass…
2220485.4 kWikimedia Foundation elections/2017
14100Privacy policy/gn
13900Privacy policy/ms
14-4438 kWikipedia to the Moon/Voting/da
11598598598Wikimedia Argentina/GLAM/Programa Cultura y Conocimiento Abierto/Activida…
13800Alternative paid contribution disclosure policies
13800Privacy policy/uk
13700Data dump torrents
13600Privacy policy/my
13600Privacy policy/ta
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