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30 k891.6 k144 k37 kWikimedia Forum
515177312 k224 k60 kSteward requests/Global
46 k00Main Page
30 k00WM:I/D
164161682082025 kCommunity Engagement Insights/Thank you
2.7 k00Privacy policy/ar
2.5 k00Privacy policy/es
2.2 k00List of Wikipedias
1.7 k00Privacy policy/fr
1.6 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.4 k00Data dump torrents
1.2 k00Privacy policy/de
1 k00Privacy policy/pt-br
89600Privacy policy/ja
13668-4.3 k7.2 k21 kSteward requests/Checkuser
72200Privacy policy
448105905901.3 kAffiliate Chairpersons meeting April 20 2018
62800Privacy policy/it
61000Wikimedia Taiwan
6141200127 kList of Wikipedias/Table
536971471412 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/Laptops
2562302402562.4 kWikimedia CEE Spring 2018/Structure/Georgia
4231713 k13 k15 kWikimedia Armenia/Reports/2018-03
11611 k10 k10 kCommunity Engagement Insights/Translation/2018/Responses only/ru
293162.9 k6.5 k20 kTranslation of the week/Translation candidates
1373411711731 kWikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2018-2019/Draft
374530130137 kWikimedia CEE Spring 2018/CEE Women
2445404404956Wikimedia Conference 2018/Thematic, regional, language-specific meetups/W…
37700Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction
36300Privacy policy/he
13333.3 k3.2 k3.2 kMeetup/Oxford/60
35600List of Wikipedias by expanded sample of articles
51223.5 k3.4 k8.5 kTerms of use/Creative Commons 4.0/FAQ/ar
34200Privacy policy/en-gb
1922201010 kMailing lists
33700Privacy policy/az
15334994996.8 kLearning and Evaluation/News/Learning Days for Wikimedia Conference 2018/…
26331811812 kWikiAlpenforum/Events/Toblach-Dobbiaco
38241.2 k1.2 k12 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
8628018 k8.9 kMirroring Wikimedia project XML dumps
7292.2 k2.2 k2.2 kWikiTerritories
28700Privacy policy/azb
1781160460419 kSteward requests/Permissions
28600Privacy policy/hi
3424-1.6 k2 k9.9 kLearning and Evaluation/News/Learning Days for Wikimedia Conference 2018/…
27900Privacy policy/bgn
27600Wikimedia movement
16115-3413613 kWikimedia servers
432296896815 kStewards' noticeboard
50237737733.4 kSteward requests/Global permissions
26200Privacy policy/nl
25500Privacy policy/fa
237210013 kCommunity Relations/Annual Plan 2018-19
4193.9 k3.8 k3.8 kWikimedia Foundation website/2017-2018 update/ru
142.3 k2.3 k2.3 kWikimedia Foundation website/2017-2018 update/Development stage/ru
31112.4 k2.4 k2.4 kMix'n'match/bn
152103007902.1 kStructured Data on Commons/Newsletter/Translators
1623776778117 k100wikidays
24226446441.8 kWikimedia Conference 2018/Social Events
24400Privacy policy/en-ca
24200Privacy policy/de-formal
24200List of countries by regional classification
13226737515.3 kStructured Data on Commons/Newsletter/Next
23600Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
18244234273.1 kCentralNotice/Request/Writing about information security in UKWP
116.4 k6.2 k6.2 kConfidentiality agreement for nonpublic information/How to sign/en-ca
23100Privacy policy/eml
221114 k14 k201 kWikimedia CEE Spring 2018/Statistics/Article list
20232062522.7 kCIS-A2K/Work plan July 2018 - June 2019/Budget
171117 k16 k1.9 MWikidata/Newsletter/Archive
2024-5933916 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/GLAM/Stratégie
2172.9 k2.8 k2.8 kWikimedia Foundation website/ru
22200Privacy policy/bn
2824015 k12 kCookie statement
21600Privacy policy/bs
11232183228.1 kLearning and Evaluation/News/Learning Days for Wikimedia Conference 2018/…
592201.1 k51 kFoundation wiki feedback
121.1 k1.1 k1.1 kWikimedia Foundation website/2017-2018 update/Discovery stage/ru
8134.5 k4.4 k4.4 kWikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/Expédition Herpétologique Cost…
113.1 k3 k3 kWikimédia France/Wikilettre/Numéro 84
30114-4192.4 k255Connect/Africa Wikimedia Developers
122217617619 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Structured Data on Commons
232807.2 k3.6 kMirroring Wikimedia project XML dumps/estimates
20300Privacy policy/id
41110 k9.7 k9.9 kSteward requests/Global/2018-04
19700Privacy policy/bg
112.2 k2.2 k2.2 kWikimedia Conference 2018/Social Events/Some sights tour
9119 k8.8 k127 kWikimedia CEE Spring 2018/Statistics/Article length
25234415 kCIS-A2K/Work plan July 2018 - June 2019/Content Enrichment
115.8 k5.7 k18 kSteward requests/Checkuser/2018-03
422-663 kGLAM-on-Tour/2018/Migros Archiv/sign in
111.3 k1.3 k1.3 kWikimédia France/Wikilettre/Numéro 84/Du côté de l'asso
17131.8 k1.9 k11 kLearning and Evaluation/News/Learning Days for Wikimedia Conference 2018/…
17600Privacy policy/ca
9220160393Support to WPSE
17500Privacy policy/diq
9220405.5 kWikimedia Foundation Annual Report 2009-10/fr/Imagine a world
92202015 kStewards/Confirm/2015/Quentinv57
17400Wikimedia projects
3114.2 k4.1 k4.1 kWikimedia Conference 2018/Social Events/Full day tour
272201.4 k78 kIRC/Channels
16900Mailing lists/Overview
16600Wikimedia News
114.3 k4.2 k4.2 kWikimedia Foundation Values/en
1352861215 kWikimedia France/Micro-financement/2017-2018
13112.9 k2.8 k72 kCommunity Resources/Grants spending analysis
5113.3 k3.2 k3.2 kWikimedia CH/Micro Grant/Portable scanning station
16000Privacy policy/cs
718-77979.9 kTech/News/2018/14/uk
15900Privacy policy/ckb
2816-311737.9 kTech/News/2018/14/ja
21220417 kList of Wikipedias/gu
15800Cunningham's Law
15800Privacy policy/cy
15700Privacy policy/ce
15600Wikimedia chapters
16220126.1 kGlobal groups
15400Privacy policy/fi
15300Privacy policy/el
15200Access to nonpublic information policy
222310312310Category:Wikimedia Foundation audit committee/da
15000Privacy policy/fy
15000Privacy policy/map-bms
1424461613 kWikiCite/media
522055862 k2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Bots and gadgets/zh
43117727721.2 kWikimedia Taiwan/Art and Feminism/Images
222057063 k2015 Community Wishlist Survey/Bots and gadgets/vi
2114.3 k4.2 k4.2 kWikimedia Foundation Executive Director/ase
14500Privacy policy/gn
6511-14614617 kWikimedia Conference 2018/Participants' List
6111.9 k1.8 k14 kWMDE Technical Wishes/Edit Conflicts
681164647.3 kESEAP Conference 2018/Participants
2220282.6 kWikisource/es
14100Alternative paid contribution disclosure policies
13800Wikimedia CEE Spring 2018/Structure/Hungary
13800Privacy policy/lb
122122126.1 kAssociation of Categorist Wikipedians/Members
16126026024.7 kWikimedia Foundation Values
13500Privacy policy/hr
13400Terms of Use
24162742967.2 kNew Readers/Raising Awareness in India
13300Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2017-2018/Final
14135275297.4 kGruppi locali di lingua italiana/Toscana
11503503503Category:2014 Wikimedia user group approvals/ko
13100Privacy policy/gl
12-1091093.1 kCommunity Engagement Insights/MassMessages/Lists/2018/ru4
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