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38515398.2 k8 k45 kSteward requests/Global
2.3 k00Privacy policy/de
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2 k00Privacy policy/es
1.6 k00Privacy policy/fr
1.6 k00List of Wikipedias
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81000Privacy policy/pt-br
76200Privacy policy
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1085121.5 k2.5 k25 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
47900Privacy policy/eml
1183556656845 kSteward requests/Global permissions
45600Privacy policy/az
6545029 k14 kCreation of separate user group for editing sitewide CSS/JS
2021113 k12 k12 kBest practices for Content Translation events
1184.5 k4.4 k4.4 kTech/News/2018/31/ko
42000Privacy policy/en-ca
41800Privacy policy/en-gb
1173.8 k3.7 k3.7 kTech/News/2018/32/ko
1173.5 k3.4 k3.4 kTech/News/2018/32/cs
90333351.6 k62 kSteward requests/Checkuser
37200Privacy policy/bgn
35300Privacy policy/hi
33900Privacy policy/cy
403655955926 kTranslation of the week/Translation candidates
61128.3 k8.1 k8.1 kNewsletters/Translation/ja
32000Privacy policy/eu
371614 k14 k14 kOur projects
14351.2 k1.2 k6.7 kWikimedians of the Levant/Reports/2017/2018 Report
41174 k3.9 k3.9 kTech/News/2018/32/ja
4291.2 k1.2 k3.9 kSpam blacklist/Log/2018/08
30400Privacy policy/fi
11123-831375.5 kWikimedia Taiwan/Wiki Seed Of Taiwan Knowledge
18611-3.5 k3.4 k21 kWikimedia Forum
30000Privacy policy/bg
41210249249188 kSpam blacklist
28800Translation requests/WQ/3/Zh
28500Privacy policy/be
28200Privacy policy/nl
27200Wikimedia chapters
26500Privacy policy/he
201144 k5.9 k6 kWikimedia Ghana User Group
28114-6492.2 k8.4 kMassMessage/ja
25600Privacy policy/fa
21120 k19 k19 kWikiDonne/Women in Islam culture
11221.2 k1.1 k1.1 kRequests for new languages/Wikinews Hausa
1324035 k2.9 kBanned user
1121001.9 k3.7 kTech/News/2018/32/fr
24900Privacy policy/frr
24800Privacy policy/bn
1124035 k446Category:Edit blocks and bans
511-9.2 k9 k29 kFoundation wiki feedback/Archive/2017
23800Wikimedia movement affiliates
23700European Parliament vote in 2018/es
23500Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
23500Privacy policy/azb
23500Privacy policy/diq
71161611853.5 kTech/News/2018/32/it
23200Privacy policy/atj
131.6 k1.6 k1.6 kInterface administrators/nb
262229529511 kProject Tiger Editathon 2018/Winners
22600European Parliament vote in 2018/it
22600Privacy policy/cs
1281110710728 kSteward requests/Permissions
22400Privacy policy/id
22400Privacy policy/eo
22200Privacy policy/ce
21900Privacy policy/el
21700Privacy policy/ca
7223873873.7 kHardware donation program/T Cells
21500Programs & Events Dashboard
2522627251 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors
21300Privacy policy/ka
21300Privacy policy/bs
20600Privacy policy/ms
19800Privacy policy/my
921214014074 kRequests for new languages
7613-4754757.3 template
19600Mailing lists/Overview
19500Privacy policy/gl
1716325.4 kTech/News/2017/15/ko
2117.3 k7.2 k7.2 kCommunity Engagement Insights/2018 Report/Anti-Harassment Tools
18200Wikimedia movement
22474747Wiki4Women/Draft/en/Christina Reed
18100Access to nonpublic information policy
9141.7 k1.6 k1.6 kMeetup/Patiala/15
162208141Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/Content Translation - 100 published articles and mo…
18000Privacy policy/ba
17600Privacy policy/fy
17600Wikimedia projects
17600Privacy policy/map-bms
8144315.4 k431WikiMediterranea 2020
17300Privacy policy/th
4114-134637.6 kAdmin activity review/ro
16900Privacy policy/ckb
302207816 kWikimedia Foundation
741137437426 kSteward requests/Username changes
122203.1 k28 kCommunity Engagement Insights/2016-17 Report
5121.4 k1.3 k8.9 kWikimedia Cuteness Association/Timeline
1722074441 kOffice actions
15900Privacy policy/mk
142201.2 k22 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program
15500Privacy policy/hu
211368768752 kWikimedia Cuteness Association
11230528.3 kIRC/Stalkwords
12-40547514 kWikimedia Ghana/Proposed by-laws
122209216 kSemantic MediaWiki
15000Privacy policy/ta
15000Privacy policy/ky
15000Privacy policy/vi
113.5 k3.4 k7.1 kWikimedia Forum/Archives/2018-06
14500List of countries by regional classification
14500Privacy policy/uk
14500Privacy policy/lb
2122101215 kWikivoyage/Lounge
715406406664Title blacklist/Log/2018/08
14300Mailing lists
14300Privacy policy/km
14100Privacy policy/nb
14000Privacy policy/hr
14000Privacy policy/gn
4138408405.3 kWikimedia Cuteness Association/Goatification
10111.1 k1.1 k2.2 kWikiConference North America/2018
13500Privacy policy/ml
251615015041 kTitle blacklist
6011484812 kKiwix
13300Cunningham's Law
151448048013 kCheckUser policy/Local policies
13200Wikimedia user groups
13200Privacy policy/sr
13100Privacy policy/nap
13000Privacy policy/mzn
12900Privacy policy/pt
12800Wikimedia News
12800Privacy policy/FAQ
4121.2 k1.2 k4.9 kWikimedia Foundation elections 2015/Thank you/pl
12600Privacy policy/so
12500Data retention guidelines
12300Privacy policy/si
12300Privacy policy/pl
12300Privacy policy/ha
12200Privacy policy/oc
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