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9 November 2018

162 k1110310313 kWikipedia Asian Month 2018
16 k00List of Wikipedias
13 k00Wikipedia Asian Month
4561325-1.9 k37 k19 kSteward requests/Global
3.7 k00Main Page
2.6 k00Privacy policy/ar
2.2 k00Privacy policy/es
1.9 k00Privacy policy/fr
1.8 k00Privacy policy/de
1.8 k00Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Edit-a-thon
1.7 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.1 k00Privacy policy/ja
93300Privacy policy
92100Privacy policy/it
580231281284.8 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019
79100Privacy policy/pt-br
166674.1 k4 k7 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Editing/Keep the lightweight text editor
4732259159173 kWikimedia Forum
182551.4 k7.1 k11 kSteward requests/Permissions
22119137 k38 k36 kReport Wikimania Esino Lario per la Fondazione Cariplo
66300Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Event Partner
2116682192715 kKeeping events safe/pt-br
1115010 k10 k9.9 kKeeping events safe/Visual materials/pt-br
571.2 k1.3 k12 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Maps/Maps Improvements: Vector Structure, …
59600Wikimedia chapters
56700Privacy policy/de-formal
55400Privacy policy/en-ca
55100Complete list of Wikimedia projects
461.4 k1.4 k2.4 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Archive/Use map for Nearby
138414-409422.4 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikidata
128341.6 k1.6 k61 kProposals for closing projects/Deletion of Bulgarian Wikinews
63477941.9 k794Community Wishlist Survey 2019/Editing/Put mw.toolbar back
2184.3 k4.3 k4.2 kTech/News/2018/46/ko
49900Privacy policy/nl
373.6 k3.5 k3.5 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikisource/Better import of descriptions o…
49800Privacy policy/map-bms
8655-5221.4 k13 kSteward requests/Global permissions
44800Privacy policy/id
196224344345.5 kOpen letter on Community Health
44300Privacy policy/ms
67332.9 k2.9 k11 kStewards' noticeboard
43100Privacy policy/en-gb
43000Wikimedia user groups
141256.8 k6.7 k6.6 kSorolla Challenge/pt-br
1174.4 k4.3 k4.3 kTech/News/2018/46/fr
32611-434314 kList of countries by regional classification
338999972 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikidata/Statements with deprecated and pr…
212185.5 k5.4 k5.4 kTech/News/2018/46/ar
35229-4785 kMain Page/tr
191341.4 k1.3 k11 kClosing projects policy/ro
40300Privacy policy/eo
40300Privacy policy/lb
331.5 k1.5 k14 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Admins and patrollers/Page Curation and Ne…
52185.5 k5.4 k5.4 kTech/News/2018/46/uk
132166.1 k6 k5.9 kTech/News/2018/46/mni
2701214214881 kWikimedia News
38900Cunningham's Law
38900Programs & Events Dashboard
38700Wikimedia thematic organizations
1038-2 k2.1 k79CIS-A2K/Events/Punjabi Wikisource Workshop
38000List of Wikipedias/ko
148222242249.4 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/2018
24342.4 k2.4 k3.6 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Search/Add "Page Views" an input filter an…
42331.6 k1.6 k33 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia Narom
232.9 k2.8 k5.7 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Archive/Increase font size of section head…
242 k1.9 k1.9 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Categories/Avoiding broken category links
242 k2 k2 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Archive/Voice to text editor
128291485203.6 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Miscellaneous
17248.1 k31 k40 kSteward requests/Global/2018-11
232.1 k2.1 k2 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Archive/Support for the IIIF Image API on …
241.7 k1.7 k4 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Archive/Allow update of stored edit-summary
33600Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Onsite Events
231.2 k1.2 k2.3 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Admins and patrollers/Allow De-Privileged …
10331.3 k1.2 k3.4 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Reading/Wikipedia-Translator for articles …
231.6 k1.5 k18 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Editing/Flag edits by new editors (editor …
5035-14973721 kPublic speakers
63251.5 k1.5 k12 kSteward requests/Checkuser
1072112804483.9 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Editing
2238420420883Sorolla Challenge/Participants/list
31109.8 k9.6 k9.5 kSorolla Challenge/Articles/pt-br
32300Privacy policy/ha
42342892891.4 kWikipedia Asian Month 2018/Bashkortostan100/Participants
32100List of Wikipedias/ar
221.2 k1.1 k8.8 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Admins and patrollers/Prevent DDoS-style a…
28273.5 k3.4 k3.4 kPunjabi Wikimedians/Punjabi Wikisource Training Workshop, Patiala
51231.1 k1.1 k40 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
248801 k3.8 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikidata/Solution to the ‟Bonnie and Clyde…
103372672815 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikidata/Improvements to the reliability o…
229629621.9 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Citations/Make citation templates easier f…
93220122 k7.3 kStewards
229089087.6 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Archive/Communication plattform between de…
71145 k5.2 k4.9 kMain Page/is
29800Privacy policy/cy
29700Privacy policy/nl-informal
236616612.4 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Miscellaneous/Clear roadblock for wiki sit…
311161 k1 k6 kMain Page/hy
21125.3 k5.2 k5.2 kSorolla Challenge/Participants/pt-br
28200Privacy policy/atj
16242.4 k2.3 k29 kIndic-TechCom/Requests
211-52 k51 k0Bridges across Cultures/Participants/signs
41516 k16 k18 kWikimédia France/Finances/Rapport financier 2017-2018
14233 k3 k2.9 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Multimedia and Commons/Support for IIIF Pr…
18118-1.4 k2.1 k6.2 kAdmin activity review/ro
27700Privacy policy/gn
27700الصفحة الرئيسية
331283.4 k3.5 k3.3 kWikimedia France/Micro-financement/Demande/Atelier Wikidata avec les femmes
27300Privacy policy/nap
234414411.4 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Bots and gadgets/2FA available for all con…
1263.7 k4.1 k68 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Results
26600Privacy policy/sw
9241.8 k2.2 k3.9 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikisource/Improve export of electronic bo…
21105 k4.9 k4.9 kSorolla Challenge/Prizes/pt-br
9231.7 k1.7 k1.7 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wiktionary/Wikidata module for translations
151192608765.2 kMain Page/he
79283123523.3 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Multimedia and Commons
21711-4448 kPrivacy policy/tr
12231.8 k1.7 k1.7 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Editing/Allow preview edit on protected page
25900Privacy policy/lij
25800Wikimedia movement affiliates
25500Wikimedia Blog
25400Wikipedia Asian Month/Media
133.8 k3.7 k3.7 kTech/News/2018/46/ja
25300Privacy policy/nb
25300Privacy policy/fy
9221.6 k1.5 k1.5 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Watchlists/Watchlists based on Wikidata st…
1042931811.1 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Admins and stewards
742407.5 k14 kWikimedia wikis
29554954.6 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/pt-br
19228618614.1 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Search/Linksearch overhaul
43223833833.5 kTech
181155.3 k5.4 k7.2 kWikimedia Argentina/Reportes/2018-10
24600Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
51122 k21 k21 kCommunity health initiative/vi
24500Privacy policy/hi
24400Main page
24400Privacy policy/so
24200Privacy policy/vi
231166262.6 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Archive/Add to unexisting page a link to s…
322418718719 kArmenian-Jordanian cooperation
23900Babel templates
23700Privacy policy/fa
271153.6 k3.9 k6.3 kWikimedia Community User Group Georgia/Reports/2018
9227067063.4 kCentralNotice/Request/Wiki Loves Earth 2019 in Italy
7211-1681743.5 kTech/News/2018/46/zh
9235255251.8 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Editing/Tool for easy science editing usin…
54262482921.2 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2019/Wikisource
60278888611Community Wishlist Survey 2019/Anti-harassment
9220119 k9.1 kWikimedia Foundation Board Governance Committee
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