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23 k00Main Page
530142511.6 k4.5 k39 kSteward requests/Global
3.4 k00List of Wikipedias
3.3 k00Privacy policy/es
2.3 k00Privacy policy/ar
2 k00Privacy policy/fr
1.8 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.7 k00Privacy policy/de
1.4 k00Wikimedia Taiwan
1.3 k00Privacy policy/ja
1.2 k00Privacy policy/it
1.2 k00Privacy policy/pt-br
1 k00Wikimedia chapters
202814-1.5 k8 k14 kSteward requests/Permissions
190891.6 k4.5 k17 kSteward requests/Global permissions
82500Privacy policy
213693.7 k4.2 k50 kWikimedia Forum
5462501.3 k5.6 kWikimedia thematic organizations
82771.2 k1.2 k5.4 kHardware donation program/Shahidul Hasan Roman
64700Local chapters
61611-113.3 kAlternative paid contribution disclosure policies
62600Data retention guidelines
6067-1.8 k3.5 k26 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
45522020212 kHTTPS
57000Global bans
55300Open Foundation West Africa
54400Copyright problems
52400Terms of use/FAQ on paid contributions without disclosure
51100Privacy policy/de-formal
50900Privacy policy/nl
44900Wikimedia user groups
43100Privacy policy/en-ca
42800Privacy policy/id
121219.2 k9 k9 kWikimedia Blog/Posts/Farhad Fatkullin, 2018 Wikimedian of the Year, looks…
40700CheckUser policy
38900Privacy policy/bn
38900Privacy policy/en-gb
38600Access to nonpublic information policy
38100Privacy policy/map-bms
37400Wikimedia Thematic Organizations
77331014.5 k2.3 kRegistered user
241233 k2.9 k2.9 kPassword policy/hu
36300List of countries by regional classification
61334204204.8 kHardware donation program/ShahadatHossain
35200Privacy policy/bgn
633417618055 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors
1845156306639Doteli Wikimedians User Group/Volunteers
35000Wikimedia User Groups
50294.4 k4.3 k4.3 kHardware donation program/Fæ
34400Privacy policy/hi
34300Privacy policy/lb
34100Wikimedia movement
1120 k20 k20 kCI2019List(eswiki,act2)
4634582582211 k100wikidays
1119 k19 k19 kCI2019List(eswiki,act3)
1118 k17 k17 kCI2019List(enwiki,act2)
33200Privacy policy/ms
33200Privacy policy/nap
1116 k15 k15 kCI2019List(enwiki,act3)
1115 k15 k15 kCI2019List(eswiki,act5)
28355917674 kTech/News/2019/37
1112 k11 k11 kCI2019List(enwiki,act5)
32300Privacy policy/gl
137.9 k7.7 k7.7 kWikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/cs
31900Privacy policy/sw
31900Privacy policy/ca
31900Privacy policy/cy
31700Privacy policy/fa
31500Wikimedia movement affiliates
31400Privacy policy/eml
51332554014.4 kTech
30900Privacy policy/gn
121252 k51 k51 kCI2019List(other,act5)
127.5 k7.4 k7.3 kWikimedia committees/cs
30200Complete list of Wikimedia projects
4434020 k23 kCommunity health initiative
29500Privacy policy/he
29500Privacy policy/bs
29300Privacy policy/vi
118.8 k8.6 k8.6 kCI2019List(jawiki,act3)
26252.8 k2.7 k2.7 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Support/b…
28900Privacy policy/bg
81155 k54 k54 kCI2019List(commons,act5)
171171 k1.1 k28 kLearning patterns/Data transfers to Wikimedia Commons: Sharing institutio…
28400Cunningham's Law
71314 k14 k14 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Working Groups/bn
91311 k11 k11 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Recommendations/bn
118.2 k8 k8 kCI2019List(dewiki,act5)
118.1 k7.9 k7.9 kCI2019List(eswiki,act4)
15252.5 k2.6 k2.4 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Support/வ…
27800Privacy policy/tr
117.9 k7.7 k7.7 kCI2019List(dewiki,act3)
17612848467 kWikimedia News
117.8 k7.6 k7.6 kCI2019 List ar act5
27500Privacy policy/eo
27400No open proxies
62247171228 kSpam blacklist
117.6 k7.4 k7.4 kCI2019List(frwiki,act5)
117.5 k7.4 k7.4 kCI2019List(frwiki,act2)
81215 k15 k15 kCI2019List(other,act4)
117.5 k7.3 k7.3 kCI2019List(itwiki,act2)
117.5 k7.3 k7.3 kCI2019List(itwiki,act5)
117.4 k7.2 k7.2 kCI2019List(itwiki,act3)
26400Merchandise giveaways
117 k6.9 k6.9 kCI2019List(frwiki,act3)
31130 k29 k29 kCI2019List(meaf wps,act5)
26100Privacy policy/az
21129 k29 k29 kCI2019List(other,act3)
25900Privacy policy/lij
31127 k26 k26 kCI2019List(meaf wps,act3)
21126 k26 k26 kCI2019List(meaf wps,act2)
5422521.3 k2 kOTRS/Volunteering
51122 k22 k22 kCI2019List(commons,act2)
51122 k21 k21 kCI2019List(commons,act3)
40212-8041.1 k3.7 kSupporting Indian Language Wikipedias Program/Support/आर्या जोशी
25400Wikimedia servers
41120 k20 k20 kCI2019List(other,act2)
31121 k20 k20 kCI2019List(cee wps,act5)
1613-9 k8.8 k9.5 kSteward requests/Permissions/Approved temporary
81116 k16 k16 kCI2019List(ptwiki,act3)
281105.9 k5.7 k5.7 kLearning patterns/Creating a prelist a relevant articles before a trainin…
61116 k16 k16 kCI2019List(ptwiki,act2)
116.3 k6.1 k6.1 kCI2019List(dewiki,act2)
51115 k14 k14 kCI2019List(ptwiki,act5)
116.2 k6 k6 kCI2019 List ar act3
33251.2 k1.2 k3.4 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia Swiss Italian
61112 k12 k12 kCI2019List(commons,act4)
21116 k16 k16 kCI2019List(cee wps,act3)
21116 k15 k15 kCI2019List(cee wps,act2)
21114 k14 k14 kCI2019List(wikidata,act5)
41112 k11 k11 kCI2019List(meaf wps,act4)
22228678676.7 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Support/B…
115.9 k5.7 k5.7 kCI2019List(enwiki,act4)
31110 k9.9 k9.9 kCI2019List(jawiki,act2)
115.7 k5.5 k5.5 kCI2019List(eswiki,act1)
1361226267.6 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Participate
25000Privacy policy/yo
24900Privacy policy/frr
24800Privacy policy/fy
14237527523.7 kGrowing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (Project Tiger 2.0)/Support/A…
24600Privacy policy/ksh
7223-4076436.5 kSteward requests/Username changes
24500Privacy policy/my
3119.6 k9.4 k9.4 kCI2019List(weur wps,act5)
10244694691.5 kSpam blacklist/Log/2019/09
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