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70614462.1 k19 k17 kSteward requests/Global
23 k00Main Page
40612283.8 k9.9 k22 kSteward requests/Permissions
3.3 k00List of Wikipedias
3 k00Privacy policy/es
2.1 k00Privacy policy/fr
2.1 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.9 k00Privacy policy/de
22011128838856.4 kWikipedia Asian Month 2019
1.7 k00Privacy policy/ar
1.2 k00Privacy policy/ja
1.2 k00Privacy policy/it
1.1 k00Privacy policy/pt-br
1 k00Wikimedia chapters
1728123.5 k3.4 k88 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
1858103.3 k3.2 k20 kWikiConference India 2020: Initial conversations
91700Privacy policy/en-ca
1538960481441 k2019 Community Insights/Thank you
86500Privacy policy/nl
84400Privacy policy
77800Privacy policy/th
66200List of countries by regional classification
60700Data retention guidelines
60100Alternative paid contribution disclosure policies
59700Privacy policy/nap
130462 k1.9 k9.7 kTech
56700Global bans
56400Privacy policy/sw
54300Wikimedia user groups
51400Access to nonpublic information policy
50200Wikimedia thematic organizations
45561 k1 k241 k100wikidays
4712510 k10 k10 kBureaucrat/be-tarask
48900Copyright problems
48600Privacy policy/de-formal
48200Privacy policy/fy
47900Privacy policy/mg
1224.6 k4.6 k4.5 kTech/News/2019/41/sv
47700Terms of use/FAQ on paid contributions without disclosure
2193143286.7 kAdmin activity review/fr
46300Privacy policy/ur
115281.9 k1.9 k27 kWikimedia CEE Meeting 2019/Programme
44500Privacy policy/id
78351 k10084.5 kWikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2019/Programme
14433-2152.5 k14 kSteward requests/Global permissions
22722012 k11 kOffice actions/Community consultation on partial and temporary office act…
41700Wikimedia movement
2021222 k38 k27 kInterwiki Women Collaboration/Results
40600Privacy policy/en-gb
40400CheckUser policy
40300Privacy policy/my
39800Privacy policy/map-bms
38500Privacy policy/lb
38000Privacy policy/nl-informal
1228 k27 k27 kWiktionary/LexiSession/ru
37500Wikimedia Thematic Organizations
36600Privacy policy/tr
35100Privacy policy/ms
35100Privacy policy/eo
35000Privacy policy/ca
226.1 k6 k9.1 kShe Did It/List/ru
33800Privacy policy/cy
129.4 k9.2 k9.2 kShe Did It/List/uk
16246.3 k6.2 k9.4 kShe Did It/List
32300Privacy policy/bn
31700Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
441232365548 kWikipedia Asian Month/QA/ms
31500Wikimedia User Groups
31300Privacy policy/az
304805.1 k1.3 kTV5Monde cyberattack and consequences for Wikimedia projects
31100Merchandise giveaways
31000Privacy policy/gl
30100Local chapters
30100Privacy policy/he
30000Privacy policy/so
19712717571 kWikimedia News
29500Privacy policy/fa
29272.4 k2.4 k2.4 kAfroCuration education edit-a-thon
29300Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Participate
117-221327.3 kCommunications/Organization communications translators group/fr
282101.9 k1.8 k5.5 kTech/News/2019/41
29100Privacy policy/bgn
47298858852.1 kWikimedistas de Ecuador/Reportes/2018-11
371151.6 k1.5 k1.5 kTranslatability/fr
28700Privacy policy/frr
81222682686.3 kWikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2019/Participants
28300Privacy policy/vi
144.9 k4.7 k4.7 kShe Did It/Participants/uk
832218924923 kWikinews
28100Privacy policy/hi
28100Wikimedia movement affiliates
28000Privacy policy/eml
27600Privacy policy/gn
26900Privacy policy/lij
26800Privacy policy/ne
3811735335911 kLearning patterns/ja
26300Open Foundation West Africa
1233-31439411 kWikiArabia 2019/Participants
25800Complete list of Wikimedia projects
3211814316111 kOffice actions/Community consultation on partial and temporary office act…
25700Privacy policy/hr
25600Wikimedia servers
311-21 k21 k1.1 kCI2019 Test List
25200Privacy policy/sco
25100Privacy policy/bs
3922-66566511 kMouvement Wikimedia/Stratégie 2018-2020/Communauté francophone
1522979979979Wikimédia France/Finances/Dépense/2019/10/Impression cartes de visite
46224464465.5 kWikivoyage/Lounge
10222.7 k2.6 k2.6 kWikimedia CEE Meeting 2019/Programme/Submissions/Future of CEE - strategi…
25000Privacy policy/ksh
22255765823.2 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia American Norwegian
24800WikiArabia 2019/Program/ar
2455363341 k2019 Community Insights/Thank you/uk
24500Privacy policy/yo
392327327312 kItWikiCon/2019/Proposte
23800Privacy policy/si
23600Privacy policy/shn
23300Complete list of language Wikipedias available
23300Privacy policy/nb
1623469469946Wikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes locaux/Rennes/3 octobre 2019
3127.1 k7 k7 kWikimedia Language Diversity/Sustainability/Wikipedias/Calendar
22900Privacy policy/xmf
22900Privacy policy/bg
4135.8 k5.6 k5.6 kCommunity Insights/Frequent questions/th
22600Privacy policy/lt
16011333.6 kCommunity Wishlist Survey 2020
22400Privacy policy/eu
7222060012 kRequests for comment/WMF-community trust person
22300Privacy policy/sr
22300Privacy policy/FAQ
22300Privacy policy/ta
23222332332.2 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia Badini Kurdish
22200Privacy policy/ml
7220809 k3.3 kWikimedia Italia/ru
21800Privacy policy/te
21600Privacy policy/mzn
21500Privacy policy/pt
21200Requests for new languages
21200Privacy policy/ka
21100Privacy policy/ckb
21000Privacy policy/pl
21000Privacy policy/yue
5512-97397319 kWikiArabia 2019/Program
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