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1.5 k00Wikimedistas de Ecuador/WikiCafé Ecuador 2019
1798364.1 k4.4 k12 kWiki4MediaFreedom edit-a-thon - III edition
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307771.5 k2.5 k24 kSteward requests/Permissions
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2715414 k14 k14 kThe Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref/Case Studies/ja
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118456.4 k6.2 k6.2 kStewards/Elections 2019/Statements/Einsbor
61000Wikimedia chapters
163409.3 k9.3 k9.1 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019/pt-br
103289.2 k9.1 k9 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019/da
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1185.2 k5.2 k5.1 kTech/News/2019/04/ja
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47500Privacy policy/de-formal
36622084.4 kCopyright problems
775875976114 kWiki4MediaFreedom edit-a-thon - IV edition
2002387987918 kSteward requests/Checkuser
1215.3 k5.2 k5.2 kTech/News/2019/04/fr
121412751.7 k9.9 kStewards/pt
1392925941510 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019
96353.9 k3.8 k15 kWMDE Technical Wishes/Move files to Commons
187251.2 k1.2 k130 kRequests for comment/Global ban for Til Eulenspiegel
82244.9 k5.1 k4.8 kTech/News/2019/04/pl
632145667010 kStewards/nl
31251.4 k1.8 k23 kTranslation of the week/Translation candidates
22612767676 kWikimedia News
27371.8 k2.1 k1.8 kCIS-A2K/Events/2019
92164.7 k4.7 k4.5 kTech/News/2019/04/da
27200Privacy policy/az
27100Privacy policy/he
223.5 k3.4 k3.4 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Wikimedia’s role in prese…
233.2 k3.2 k3.1 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Wikipediaren erabilpena e…
1229.3 k9.1 k9.1 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019/es
1116.4 k6.7 k6.2 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Looking for possible new …
101223815119.9 kStewards/pt-br
5733144354144Stewards/Elections 2019/Votes/Einsbor
25300Privacy policy/bn
11341441447.2 kBridges across Cultures/Participants/signs
21512 k12 k12 kWhose Knowledge?/VisibleWikiWomen/eo
26159.2 k9 k9 kCommunity health initiative/Blocking tools and improvements/Block notices
114.3 k4.2 k4.2 kBenefits Of Poker Bots
101172.4 k2.4 k2.4 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/People/es
1152.5 k4.4 k4.7 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Changing Educational Poli…
226112032034.8 kSteward requests/Username changes
41612 k12 k12 kThe Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref/Case Studies/da
22300Privacy policy/bgn
2211138381.2 kStewards/Elections 2019
21500Privacy policy/cy
119.1 k8.9 k8.9 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019/Write new Wikipedia articles/en
131.3 k1.3 k1.3 kRequests for new languages/Juǀ'hoan
20700Privacy policy/ha
19600Privacy policy/bg
19200Privacy policy/azb
18900Privacy policy/nl-informal
2139.2 k9 k9 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019/en
18700Privacy policy/fy
21122 k21 k36 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous/2019-01
2153.7 k3.6 k3.6 kWikimedia Uruguay/da
1201222622663 kReports
18100Privacy policy/lij
1429701043.3 kSpecial global permissions/de
113.5 k3.4 k3.4 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Evolution of student edit…
17100Privacy policy/gn
2826-961121.3 kVandalism reports/de
4121.1 k1.2 k1.1 kGLAM-on-Tour/2019/Eisenbibliothek/Header
12154.7 k4.6 k126 kSteward requests/Global/2019-01
111133.3 k3.4 k19 kWikimedia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/Stratégie/Plan st…
181151.6 k1.7 k1.6 kCIS-A2K/Events/Mini MediaWiki Training Theni
1416-4.3 k4.5 k1 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/Stratégie
113.6 k3.5 k3.5 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Herripediak: community wo…
2153.4 k3.5 k3.3 kThe Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref/Resources/Organizers Guide/da
182201.2 k4.4 kBridges across Cultures
42216716724 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Structured Data on Commons
115.6 k5.5 k5.5 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019/Improve Wikipedia articles/en
114.1 k4 k4 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Idazlezainak: writers gua… credit
122.7 k2.6 k2.6 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Secondary school students…
12122.8 k2.7 k2.7 kCentralNotice/Request/Wikimarathon 2019 for UKWP
1522641209.9 kWikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group
7182.8 k2.9 k13 kWikimedia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/Stratégie/Documen…
2323106.6 k3.4 kStandard archival system
20134.2 k4.1 k4.1 kWikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/पर्वत सुबेदी
14300Category:User en
14172.1 k2 k4.4 kBauhaus Women/Documentation
112 k1.9 k1.9 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Basque Education Program:…
21123024642.7 kPassword policy/de
11142.7 k2.6 k13 kWikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/General report for 2018
111.9 k1.8 k1.8 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Basque Education Program:…
23-52706.4 kTech/News/2019/04/uk
922047013 kHelp Forum
3113.4 k3.3 k3.3 kGLAM-on-Tour/2019/Eisenbibliothek
111.7 k1.6 k1.6 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Creating a didactical uni…
50131.3 k1.3 k15 kVVIT WikiConnect/Activities/2018-2019
112.6 k2.6 k2.6 kWikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/A qualitative study on th…
7220263.5 k10 reasons why you'll want our new infoboxes too
4172.2 k2.2 k9.3 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/Impact&Metrics
8114.1 k4 k4 kWikimedia CH/Micro Grant/Scarred But Winners
10131.4 k1.4 k1.4 kWikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/Aasish Shah
4111.5 k1.4 k1.4 kWikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/PANKAJ DEO
12000Category:User pt
102207035 kWMDE Technical Wishes/Approach/Lessons learned from the Technical Wishes …
56131411558.3 kWikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation
11226326311 kWest Bengal Wikimedians/Events
6112.1 k2 k2 kInternet Archive
11500Privacy policy/eo
1116206202.6 kIntensive Personalised Wiki Training Session at Pune
4151252913.7 kWikimedia Uruguay/es
2117697694.3 kStewards/Confirm/2019/Ruslik0
11000Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Simple English Wikipedia (3)
1117437432.9 kStewards/Confirm/2019/علاء
3111.1 k1.1 k1.1 kNew Readers/Syndication
10900Requests for comment/Clarification to CU policy
1124244.6 kTech/News/2019/02/ja
313656656656New Readers/Discovery
72201219 kTurkic Wikimedia Conference 2012/Dispute over Turkish representation
10700Community Wishlist Survey 2016/Categories/Reading
141186686626 kCommunity health initiative/Blocking tools and improvements
7221-3303302.7 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Process/nl
10600Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Editing/Ping users from the edit summary
10600Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Editing/VisualEditor: Allow editing of aut…
13143963962 kWiki4WorldHearingDay2019/Translate
12111.5 k1.4 k2.7 kRequests for comment/Do something about azwiki
4112 k2 k2 kWikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/Tulsi Bhagat
10400Wikisource Community User Group
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