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15 k00Main Page
2.8 k00Privacy policy/fr
2.6 k00Privacy policy/ar
2.6 k00Privacy policy/es
1.7 k00List of Wikipedias
1.7 k00Privacy policy/ru
1.1 k00Privacy policy/de
89500Privacy policy/pt-br
3444698798727 kWikipedia Asian Month 2017/Asian Art
256811-11 k14 k13 kSteward requests/Global
76300Privacy policy/ja
887101.8 k2.1 k9.2 kSteward requests/Global permissions
10355-6.2 k8.9 k8.7 kSteward requests/Permissions
3592513614419 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey
131451.8 k1.7 k56 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction/Endorsement
58900Privacy policy
1333114.4 k4.3 k16 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Release VE on Talk pages
233472.5 k2.4 k29 kWikimedia Forum
2466-2422449 kGlobal message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors
29483.7 k3.6 k12 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Programs and events/Development of the pro…
32456217375.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Order search results by date of las…
92304134315.9 kGlobal Collaboration/Newsletter/Issues/2017/11/pt-br
35383.8 k3.7 k3.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikidata/Allow embedding of query results …
144141-7.1 k18 k80 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Tracking
1228 k27 k27 kWikipedias in the languages of Russia/ActionPlan/Linguistic-cultural iden…
62212.3 k2.3 k9.5 kGlobal Collaboration/Newsletter/Issues/2017/11/el
13677688863.1 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Reading/Open wiki links in new tab automat…
6461.1 k1.1 k1.9 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Mobile and apps/Syntax highlighting for co…
1113511 k10 k10 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Reach/Apply/ja
322231004.7 kWikimedia movement
1114.7 k4.6 k4.6 kAsk a question/gn
19361.3 k1.2 k3.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Watchlists/Watch only a section of a page …
1310 k10 k10 kAsk a question/FAQ/Business/gn
1433399599552 kProposals for closing projects/Closure of Cebuano Wikipedia
12341.5 k1.5 k4.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Provide a tool to efficientl…
85320-1452.4 k2.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing
32400Privacy policy/azb
17351.3 k1.3 k2.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Word count on statistics
29341.2 k1.1 k3.2 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons/Support CSS files a…
19341.2 k1.2 k2.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Watchlists/Setting for showing new notific…
35347581.4 k12 kSteward requests/Username changes
26351.8 k1.8 k4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Fix talk pages
1115 k15 k15 k2016 Community Wishlist Survey/frr
21339159156 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Admins and stewards/Specialised blocks
233471.8 k2.6 kOTRS/Volunteering
32275311.5 k4 kRequest for an account on the Foundation wiki
143.5 k3.5 k3.4 kAsk a question/FAQ/Participation/gn
9374 k3.9 k32 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Allow disabling referrer info
1033685685179 k100wikidays
931410429215 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/cs
24362.4 k2.4 k2.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Responsive CSS/Template Fram…
271153.3 k3.2 k24 kWikipedias in the languages of Russia/ActionPlan/Linguistic-cultural iden…
3342.2 k2.1 k2.1 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Automatic suggestions for categories
8228048162.2 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Improvements in category pages
1923-1 k2.4 k13 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
28251.5 k1.5 k4.2 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/A social wikipedia
16443453473.1 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Reading/A new wiki skin developed specific…
24242 k2 k2 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Advanced diff algorithm and wikite…
16234244241.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Watchlists/Watch a Wikidata query
252441110137.8 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Citations/Allow readers / editors to see t…
20271.4 k1.5 k1.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Replace or supplement mobile penci…
481423.2 k3.5 k9.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive
35252.3 k2.3 k3.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Admins and stewards/Make AbuseFilter easy …
22232.1 k2.1 k3.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Anti-harassment/Smart Blocking
8224204281.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Improvements in "What links here"
9238608602.9 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wiktionary/Custom list for language learner
22600Privacy policy/de-formal
5033-5131142 kFoundation wiki feedback
16341101441.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Auto-save feature in Visual Editor…
1183.9 k3.9 k3.9 kWikimédia France/de
16611767673 kWikimedia News
15237157152.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Watchlists/Automatically watch pages conta…
3332972974.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Create a widget for external websi…
15425441425Ask a question/FAQ/gn
21251.3 k1.3 k4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Who to whom in the Flow
18221.2 k1.1 k6.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Bots and gadgets/Turn UTCLiveClock into an…
3226406401.8 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wiktionary/Context-dependent sort key
71132.1 k2.1 k15 kSocial media/Best practices/ru
172235735765 kProposals for closing projects/Deletion of Moldovan Wikipedia 2
15228878878872017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons/Allow video uploadi…
13221.4 k1.4 k1.4 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons/Flickr-like uploader
72124-7421.5 k2.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous
14409409409Ask a question/Submitted questions/gn
232603 k4.4 kGlobal rename policy
11151.7 k1.6 k1.6 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/10822-preparing-to-edit-quiz/eu
16233873871.1 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Pages Created upgrade
12661661661Category:Ask a question/gn
1251.9 k1.9 k1.9 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Deploy Template CSS to enable mobi…
9343823821.5 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Mobile and apps/Infobox pictures in the ap…
1259317715 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/fi
17231111112.5 kWikimédia France/Assemblée générale/décembre 2017/Feuille de présence
18227827823.2 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Unlimited number of search results
12282.2 k2.2 k7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Miscellaneous/Only show mainspace pages in…
1231.7 k1.6 k1.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Link mailing lists to on-wiki pages
15224804801.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Make it easy to switch articles on…
11227307308.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Mobile and apps/Mobile app for editing and…
34223143149582017 Community Wishlist Survey/Search/Search by date
17225765762.9 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Review individual edits
4141.5 k1.5 k6.3 kWikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Taiwan/Activity Report 2016
4511045277215 kWikipedias in the languages of Russia/ActionPlan/Linguistic-cultural iden…
13225725722.5 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons/Fix problems that F…
220145.3 kWikipedia Asian Month/Tool Interface/th
220432 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 3/th
161106 k5.9 k5.9 kWikimedians of North American Indigenous Languages User Group
1119.2 k8.9 k1.6 MWikidata/Newsletter/Archive
23346463.1 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons/Have the image rota…
117.7 k7.5 k40 kSteward requests/Permissions/2017-11
11751751751Blue edit button
7119 k8.8 k8.8 kThe Wikipedia Library/Newsletter/October-November2017
137667662.1 kWikimedia LGBT+/France/2018-
12225795793.2 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Dividing section name from edit su…
12225775773.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Editing/Mehre Tabellenarten
14222482521.9 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons/Provide file upload…
71112 k12 k117 kSteward requests/Global/2017-11
823080269Category:Privacy policy/Translations
2233703702.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/UTRS for Wikimedia Commons.
4235885881.5 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Auto format on save
4235865864.2 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Transwiki template
18248816816 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/de
10132.7 k2.9 k6.1 kWikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group/Equipment
141046177Global Collaboration/Newsletter/Sandbox
66115-5031.1 k3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Multimedia and Commons
1300032017 Community Wishlist Survey/Total editors
1271144445.2 kWiktionary
20124.7 k4.5 k13 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Anti-harassment/Sección Xtool (Pages Creat…
5232962963 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Archive/Upload-Wizard should remember the …
611115615670 kRequests for new languages
1232325 kGlobal Collaboration/Newsletter/Issues/Manual
25114.9 k4.7 k4.7 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Programs and events/An organizer dashboard…
13600Privacy policy/be
82302603.8 kWikimedia movement/ar
71121101105.3 kStrategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 2/Reach/Conversation notes/ja
27132.5 k2.5 k3.9 kRequests for new languages/Wikivoyage Simple English
11411411411Wikipedias in the languages of Russia/header/tt
242206684.9 kSoft redirect
22065.5 kWikipedia Asian Month/Tool Interface/es
4220625 k2016 Community Wishlist Survey/bg
281520922118 kTranslation of the week/Translation candidates
722-1611614.9 kTech/News/2017/47/he
113873872.3 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wikisource/Improve export of electronic bo…
1126426442 kSustainability Initiative/Sig
42208961.2 kSemi-protection
117612626612Training modules/dashboard/slides/10823-that's-it/eu
4111.1 k1.1 k2.3 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia East Frisian Low Saxon
541184845.9 kMeetup/Hong Kong/114
22303 k15 kWikimedia Foundation/fa
21121.2 k1.2 k4.6 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Reading/Accessibility for colour blind rea…
922080821 kWikiWomen's Collaborative/Introductions
5126376396.9 kDE policy
1518342725.3 kWikimedia CH/de
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