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228194.7 k4.6 k18 kWikimédia France/Wikilettre/Numéro 83/Brouillon
1503.5 k3.6 k3.5 kESEAP Conference 2018/Program/ja
72100Privacy policy/de
65900List of Wikipedias
64000The Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref/nl
23682.4 k2.4 k33 kSteward requests/Global
11379 k77 k77 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Results/id
51500Privacy policy/ar
425111.8 k1.8 k15 kSteward requests/Permissions
48454462.2 k3.7 kOTRS/Volunteering
48100Privacy policy/fr
46400Privacy policy/ru
1134.6 k4.4 k4.4 kGlobal renamers/bn
1133.8 k3.8 k3.7 kESEAP Conference 2018/tl
1111 k11 k11 kWikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia España/2017-09-10
63333333314 kLearning and Evaluation/News/Learning Days for Wikimedia Conference 2018
251571591.6 kAbuse filter editors/it
7625-16837615 kWikimedia Conference 2018/Participants' List
222752754.5 kHindi Wikimedians/Members
21213594014.2 kESEAP Conference 2018/Participants/ja
23-47471.7 kAbuse filter editors/fr
25100Privacy policy/ja
1103354718 kFundraising/Translation/Ways to Give new/ja
24900Privacy policy/es
110-6461.1 k9.9 kWikipack Africa/en
11241094133.9 kWikiMaster Conference, Lagos
1271.2 k1.2 k13 kSupport and Safety/fr
113.1 k3.1 k3.1 kWikiIndaba conference 2018/Submissions/Wikipedia education program in Afr…
113.6 k3.5 k3.5 kWikiIndaba conference 2018/Submissions/Increasing female content on Wikim…
6242042629.2 kWikimedia France/NCO
14-69691213 kWikipack Africa/fr
401121.3 k1.3 k19 kWikimedia Languages of Russia Community User Group/ru
12-7921.3 k1.2 kDE policy/Kalender
16717134 kAffiliations Committee/Members/ar
113-2.3 k3.2 k5 kDE policy
223-10301.7 kAbuse filter editors/pt-br
22201.5 k2.7 kStewards/Confirm/2018/Masti
2142.1 k2 k10 kWest Bengal Wikimedians/Reports/2017
222-12281.7 kAbuse filter editors/pt
122-26261.7 kAbuse filter editors/es
1510817827 kWikimédia France/Wikirevue/Numéro 15bis
1223931037.8 kEU policy/Transparency
1378903.7 kESEAP Conference 2018/Submissions/ja
15200Community health initiative/Blocking tools and improvements
117-18622815 k2017 Community Wishlist Survey/id
25158890016 kCentralNotice/Request/2018 Wikivoyage month
822021838 kFoundation wiki feedback
1113.2 k3.2 k3.2 kStewards/Confirm/2018/Linedwell
114164165.1 kWikiFundi/en
3111.9 k1.9 k1.9 kStewards/Confirm/2018/Mardetanha
12515151Category:Wikipedia 15 events in Saudi Arabia
122828119Category:Wikinews accreditation
12-23313 kWikipedia Day
1124245.1 kWikiFundi/fr
111111112.7 kSpam blacklist/Log/2018/01
2612727211 kCommunity Capacity Map/About
11-668 kESEAP Conference 2018/Submissions/th
11333333Category:Board Handbook
11282828Category:All submissions
11222222Category:All country data templates
11202020Category:Monthly Reports
11212121Category:GLAMcamp North Africa
11111144Category:Wikimedia Fellowships
12111111 kWikipassaporto/de
11111144Category:Wikimedia Foundation department navboxes
11101075Category:Wikimedia Endowment
111010210Category:Wikimedia Foundation strategic priorities
119997Category:Wikimedia hardware
1177182Category:Wikimedia Quarto
118841Category:Wikimedia Retreats
11117.7 kWikimedia Community User Group Georgia/reports/2016-2017
111633633633Wikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/GLAM/Onglets
111631631631Wikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/GLAM/Fin onglets
41264642.3 kAbuse filter editors/ru
41213313310 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia Southern Balochi
11-25251.6 kAbuse filter editors/hr
11-22221.8 kAbuse filter editors/ja
11-22222 kAbuse filter editors/ar
11-22221.5 kAbuse filter editors/ko
11-22221.7 kAbuse filter editors/ast
11-22221.7 kAbuse filter editors/nl
11-22222.1 kAbuse filter editors/uk
11-22221.5 kAbuse filter editors/zh
11-22222.1 kAbuse filter editors/be-tarask
11-22221.6 kAbuse filter editors/pl
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/eo
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/fa
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/vi
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/ar
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/ko
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/ru
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/ku
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/cs
1196296212 kSupport and Safety/en
1196296211 kSupport and Safety/id
11-991.6 kAbuse filter editors/id
11-991.6 kAbuse filter editors/en-ca
1411-278278134Stewards/Elections 2018/Votes/Bloch khan
11-991.7 kAbuse filter editors/tr
11-991.6 kAbuse filter editors/en-gb
11225.4 kESEAP Conference 2018/th
11001.2 kTraining modules/dashboard/slides/11011-MEDRS-quiz/eu
1193593512 kSupport and Safety/tl
1111511513.5 kMeetup/Oxford/57
1188088012 kSupport and Safety/zh
9700Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction
12111818179 kSpam blacklist
32120016 kSteward requests/Checkuser
11-551.6 kAbuse filter editors/nb
131152521.9 kAbuse filter editors
1411363614 kSupport and Safety
611155155100 kAffiliations Committee/Candidates/December 2017
11114143.4 kShared Knowledge
8500Alternative paid contribution disclosure policies
3111251251.9 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes locaux/Rennes
1169669613 kSupport and Safety/pt-br
1169669613 kSupport and Safety/pt
711993.7 kWMDE Technical Wishes/Edit Conflicts/Feedback Round Test Page
1166266213 kSupport and Safety/es
51142427.8 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail
311-44442.7 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/Promotion et comm…
311-39391.2 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes thématiques/Technique
211404040Utilisateur:Alexis WMFr/Brouillon
211252516 kCulture and Safety in Africa/2017
211-22221.8 kAbuse filter editors/he
1152852812 kSupport and Safety/tr
21185785713 kSupport and Safety/ja
11-48048018 kSupport and Safety/el
6900Privacy policy/tr
3111127 kPublic policy
11404010 kCommunity Capacity Map/About/en
11404010 kCommunity Capacity Map/About/tr
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/hi
1131311.7 kAbuse filter editors/oc
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/lb
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/da
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/gn
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/arz
1131311.7 kAbuse filter editors/bg
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/fo
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/ps
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/ca
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/yi
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/en
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/ml
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/ro
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/sk
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/th
1131311.6 kAbuse filter editors/fa
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