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11711301296212 k8.2 kGlobal sysops/Requests
934205244.1 kThe first useful person profiler
922201010505Category:Global policy proposals
1516141-1.4 k4.9 k11 kSteward requests/Permissions
534511.2 k1.5 k9.4 kTech
9331025.8 kWikimedia Legal Disclaimer
833103207.4 kIRC/da
3291-2171.7 k9.1 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/ar
72419192.4 kComplete list of Wikimedia projects/es
3281-1991.6 k7.1 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/ko
10221-98154833The Wikipedia-spangled banner
222210227 kAbstract Wikipedia/Updates
31231028219 kWikimedia DNS
52221013226 kWikinews
622102847Steward Requests/Username changes
222102304.2 kTech/Server switch/vi
1123104.5 k2.7 kMailing lists/Standardization
1922103041.8 kProposals for closing projects/Closure of Yi Wikipedia
182210486 kProposals for new projects/Archive 1
3221042.6 kMission/fa
102210525.3 kGlobal renamers/es
3221024.1 kRegistered user/fa
112101761.2 kGLAM-on-Tour/2017/Monte Verita
44125792.7 k34 k143 kSteward requests/Global
1.3 k00Main Page
10109069068.4 kWikimedia UG Nigeria/Anambra Network
87300List of Wikipedias
1518.3 k12 k8.1 kMovement Charter/Content/ro
1297.6 k9.6 k7.4 kGLAM Wiki 2023/Travel/es
155441.2 k1.2 k26 kSteward requests/Global permissions
1514932 k34 k31 kMovement Charter/Content/Global Council/tcy
41483.1 k3 k4.3 kSteward requests/Checkuser
1537 k36 k36 kWikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2023-2024/Product & Technology/OKRs/ar
252232.1 k2.4 k2.1 kCampaigns/Foundation Product Team/Update 5/ar
111337 k37 k36 kWikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2023-2024/Product & Technology/OKRs/sw
32711-1.5 k1.5 k6.3 kWikimedia Forum
8726139139312 kSpam blacklist
79283523.6 k2.1 kVolunteer Response Team/Volunteering
12232 k2.1 k7.8 kWikimedians of Japan User Group/メールマガジン/2023年9月
15261.8 k1.7 k11 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia Balochi
1031901.5 k2.7 kBot/cs
2137-742.1 k14 kMovement Charter/tcy
10722-9011.2 k14 kSteward requests/Username changes
82392592511 kCentralNotice/Request/Concurso de edição Mais Diversidade em Teoria da Hi…
10268358358.2 kSpam blacklist/Log/2023/09
111412 k13 k12 kGLAM Wiki 2023/Location/el
131632 k32 k32 kWikimedia Taiwan/Scholarship/2023 Wikimania/Winnie Chloé Chen
20351592197.3 kKiwix Wikimedians User Group
61124.2 k4.3 k4.1 kTech/News/2023/39/bn
8121-58394131 kMovement Charter/Content/Global Council/bjn
511517 k17 k67 kSteward requests/Global/2023-w38
12281.5 k1.5 k12 kParam Vir Chakra Edit-a-thon/Statistics
30264301.8 k3.7 kTech/News/2023/39
31218 k18 k18 kWikimedia Taiwan/Scholarship/2023 Wikimania/Vian Chen
24120742484.5 kWikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2022-2023/Goal 4/Translations and Interp…
24600Cunningham's Law
101164.8 k5.9 k4.7 kMain Page/bcc
151247131.3 k18 kIncident Reporting System/Updates/ar
17111-884.5 kList of largest wikis
132.2 k2.1 k2.1 kIstanbul Bilgi University Wikipedia Student Club/Activities
12244514511.9 kKelab Wiki Kent/Pirubaan 3
122.4 k2.5 k2.3 kTurkic Wikimedia Conference 2023/Submissions/How To Create a Turkic Gazet…
21112.6 k3.7 k2.5 kTech/News/2023/39/zh
5922656515 kRequests for comment/Hiding the number of Russian/Belorussian/Kazakh cont…
12241.4 k1.4 k1.4 kRequests for new languages/Wikipedia Bahasa Palembang
61112 k11 k11 kWikimedia Taiwan/Scholarship/2023 Wikimania/HuwacBasaw1234
211-1851.4 k7.2 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/id
151.5 k1.5 k5.3 kWikimedians of the Islamic Civilization User Group/Minutes/2023
21102.8 k3.5 k2.7 kTech/News/2023/39/fi
31511 k11 k11 kAbstract Wikipedia/Wiki of functions naming contest/More proposals/de
2215-2172.5 k6.7 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/zh
21100WikiConvention francophone/2023/Programme
1231781782.5 kWikiConvention francophone/2023/Programme/Utiliser Wikidata afin de génér…
41110 k9.7 k9.7 kWikimedia Taiwan/Scholarship/2023 Wikimania/LiouShowShya
3221831832.5 kWikiConvention francophone/2023/Programme/Qu'est-ce que l'Incubateur Wiki…
113 k2.9 k2.9 kWikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting 19 September 2023
231.1 k1.7 k8.1 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/de
11312 k12 k12 kWikimedia Foundation website/el
4412036741928 k10th Waray Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
192428228214 kWikimedia Taiwan/Scholarship
71115 k15 k28 kList of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded/Philosophy and reli…
1138.4 k8.4 k8.2 kGLAM Wiki 2023/Travel/el
9124.1 k4 k4 kWikiIndaba 2023/Microfunding/Wikimedia Fan Club Unilorin
1614286.6 kMovement Strategy/ig
13153.6 k3.6 k7.2 kBikol Wikipedia Community/Bikol Wiki Weekend on 97.5 OK FM
12911919176 kWikimedia News
13182.6 k2.6 k2.5 kTurkic Wikimedia Conference 2023/he
7222402402.7 kWikiConvention francophone/2023/Programme/Wikiwitches
9221711712.9 kWiki Loves EuroPride 2023/Participants
10192.8 k3.1 k688 kEvents calendar/events.json
234991.1 k8.5 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/be-tarask
3134.2 k4.3 k4.1 kWikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/awa
724-8013818 kWikimedia servers/es
232658798.4 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/es
232618758.4 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/it
232558698.4 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/pt-br
411-8.2 k8 k27 kList of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded/Society and social …
232518658.6 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/uk
232388528.8 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/hi
25126656652.2 kWikiIndaba 2023/Microfunding/Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda
15300Main Page/en-gb
3116.8 k6.7 k6.7 kWikiIndaba 2023/Microfunding/Wikimedia fan club in Federal University of …
23-2714978.9 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/as
25221821826.8 kWikimedia CEE Hub/Youth Group
124144142.2 kWikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group/2023
611415158931 kMovement Charter/Content/Global Council/ks-arab
3117.2 k7.1 k13 kWikimedia LGBT/2023-09-14
141583683613 kWikimedia Community of Togo
2239241.5 k8.1 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/ja
22158638633.6 kTurkic Wikimedia Conference 2023/Participants
3114.1 k4 k4 kWikimedia Taiwan/Scholarship/2023 Wikimania/masaonikar
1297972.5 kWikiConvention francophone/2023/Programme/Introduction à l’Outil ISA Tool
114474473.6 kTurkic Marathon 2020/Article Lists/Azerbaijan
5812454526 kAccess to nonpublic personal data policy/Noticeboard
1116.3 k6.2 k6.2 kAbstract Wikipedia/Updates/2023-09-20/el
1124.2 k4.2 k4.1 kGLAM Wiki 2023/el
3111.4 k1.4 k5 kWikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2023-2024/Product & Technology/OKRs/WE1.2
141481395514 kHuman Rights Team
181113963.4 k52 kGlobal sysops/Speedy delete requests/Data
1252311 k8.1 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/ca
11473473473Istanbul Bilgi University Wikipedia Student Club/Reports
1242998078.4 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee/vi
131691693.4 kToolFlow
35111.5 k1.4 k8.8 kSteward requests/Bot status
515-1961963.6 kGLAM Wiki 2023/es
21263565911 kMovement Charter/Drafting Committee/Decision-making/bn
8112.9 k2.9 k62 kSteward requests/Permissions/2023-09
9131551553.3 kIstanbul Bilgi University Wikipedia Student Club
811-3.4 k3.3 k29 kList of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded/Technology
31321221216 kDeoband Community Wikimedia/News
711-3.2 k3.1 k2.1 kList of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded/Anthropology, psych…
6116626628.1 kItWikiCon/2023/Programma/Temi
1414317317408Wikipermanence du 23-09-2023
1115815811 kWiki Loves Butterfly/Calender
1113613678 kAssociation of Wikipedians Who Dislike Making Broad Judgments About the W…
10117247243.3 kWikiConvention francophone/2023/Programme/Vers un traitement plus interna…
4311-3 k3 k16 kSteward requests/Miscellaneous
12162652657.8 kWikimédia France/Groupes de travail/Groupes locaux/Brest
20128308305.9 kAbstract Wikipedia/Updates/2023-09-20
135318710 kWikimedia Foundation elections/Single Transferable Vote/ru
1164645.4 kWiki Loves Living Heritage/Intangible Cultural Heritage of North Macedonia
11136536515 kNorth-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group/Projects/Poorly illustrated …
10123833835.2 kFree Knowledge Africa
121443643616 kGruppi locali di lingua italiana/Toscana/WLM/2023/attività
8151022989.1 kWikimedia User Group Nigeria/Membership
181319515.2 kWILMA Proofread-a-thon 2023
312801523.2 kEditing together in Tyap, Romanian, and English
2314965767.9 kWikimedia Foundation elections committee
1115.5 k5.4 k5.4 kAbstract Wikipedia/Updates/2023-09-20/en
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